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Low Carb Diet Leaving my Tummy Grumbling...

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I have noticed lately that my eating habits have been atrocious.  I used to eat well when I was younger (granted I'm only 24 now) but now all I want is junk food.  I decided to remedy this I was going to try to cut back on empty carbs.  It's not exactly going Atkins, it jsut helps me focus on trying to eat more vegetable carbs instead of cake and cookies and rolls and pizza...

Anyway, I had for breakfast a double protein shake (I know.. not exactly a whole food, but breakfast without carbs is tough!) with half water half milk and a large glass of V8.  I then had a snack about 2 hours later of a big celery stick with some almond butter (no salt or oil added, just ground up almonds).  According to Calorie Counter I have already ingested about 1000 calories between 7 am and 12pm!  This wouldn't bother me so much if my stomach hadn't been growling since 10:30 (about 5 minutes after my snack).  How can someone eat so many calories and still feel so empty that their stomach feels like a vacuous hole?  I mean I'm not talking about bored-hungry, sad-hungry, or happy-hungry, I'm talking about I-don't-have-enough-food-hungry.  How can this be?

Explanations of this strange phenomenon are welcome, as are ways to avoid it without overeating.  (Sorry for the verbose post!)

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atkins you can have pork chops and eggs for brekkie! bacon cheese omlette, cheese eggs, ANY MEAT.... small salad w/ full fat dressing & almonds.... use butter on low carb things... i lost my appetite compleyelt on the atkins diet and lost to much weight and to much everything.,,, be careful if you dont eat enough it messes with the hormones and chemical balance in your brain... drink a TON of water & take ur multi vita

Your calories have been very fluid.  The shake and celery, with such a high water content, doesnt sound like much bulk to digest so I kind of understand the rumbling.

My low carb issue has been getting my calories up because protein breakfast like eggs and meat can fill me up so quickly with the calories not adding up as quickly as they do with carbs which Im able to consume more of.

Another aspect of low carb is if your just starting it, there is an initial period where you dont get that kick of fullness that carbs deliver.  For me, my body still had a 'hole' waiting to be filled because I wasnt getting the shut off sign of satisfication that carbs deliver.  Dont know how early youre into low carb but I found this passed in the first few days.  I definitely suggest throwing some bulkier protein in there for either breakfast or snack.
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The problem is that I'm not just trying not to eat breads.  I want to eat healthier, so eating a pound of bacon of slathering butter on things, while delicious and kind of ok on Atkins, is not what I'm looking for.  Plus trying to cook up pork chops for breakfast, or trying to make extra the night before, is very time consuming when you're used to having a bagel or a bowl of cereal.  How many calories are you supposed to have a day when you're low carbing it?  Does it make a difference? It seems like calories=energy, so whether I have calories from bread or from vegetables and nuts it should give me the same energy.  I'm 5'8" and 135lbs so I'm not aiming for a lot of weight loss, I just want my body to be healthier without constantly feeling like I need a slice of cake just to shut up my stomach!

GOOGLE DR MIKE EADES... HE HAS A BLOG AND HAS DONE millions of studies and proof that low carbing causing an increased metabolism and heat energy exposure in the body... you can really eat more when low carbing than the average "low fat 60% carb" person

i ate about 2500+ calories low carbing never thinking about it or tallying anything... i was full of energy and barely did like real exericse but my muscles were ripped anyway fro the nature of the diet itself!

You're so hungry because your 'low-carb' diet is also low-residue and low fiber, so it's not giving your tummy much to work on. No matter how many calories are in a shake or drink, it's not going to satisfy you as long as sitting down and eating an item of food with the same nutritional profile. That's because your stomach processes liquids very efficiently but it takes time to break down fiber and protein-rich solids.

you need something to give your stomach a kick.. try an egg white in there with your shake.  and some tomatoes with your V8.. a blender can do that for you.

I have been on them low carb diets and it does that a few days.

Wow 5'8" at 135 - you lucky girl you.. do you know how many... neve mind

I bet you look great!. 

Well I am with you... I don't live atkins approved but I love lo-carb healthy food. If it helps try to make sure your carbs come from good sources (I always check the fiber content Tongue out).

Here's some of my meals:

4 egg whites (microwave 'em and it comes out like scramble). 1tsp Olive oil/flax seed oil mixed into the eggs. 1/2 Cup Fiber One. 1/4 Cup Silk Unsweetend Soy Milk mixed with 1/4 Cup Ice Cold Water. All in all this breakfast has 163 cals and a whole lotta protein and some great fiber.

Another is 4 egg whites, 1 Tbs Fat-Free Cream Cheese, 2 oz ground turkey & 1 tsp of salsa. All in all this is pretty good too and it's about 200 cals and 25g protein. I like to add fiber whenever I can so I usually will eat a LaTorilla CarbBalance tortilla with it (50 cals, 9g protein, 7g fiber).

Lunch: 1/2 Foster Farms Chicken Breast Grilled (about 3.5oz), 1/4 Cooked Quinoa, 1 tsp Olive Oil, & 2/3 cups mixed green veggies (peas, broccoli, etc)

Dinner: Protein shake

Hope that helps!!

BTW, I stay under 1300 cals on a daily and I'm usually very full

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Thank you all for your responses.  I will try to work in more fiber rich veggies into my meals so that there is something in my stomach other than liquids.  I thought the nuts would be dense enough to provide some substance in my stomach, but I guess not.   Maybe I'll also start putting small amounts of high fiber low sugar cereals into some yogurt for a snack.  That should stick in me for a while, right?

you know it all depends on you and your preferences... I'm like a big black hole of hunger... I need food all the time. lol!

So here's what I snack on (and nuts are like a end-of-the-night-I'm already full snack):

1 can of salmon, tuna, or chicken = 150 cals and 20g+ protein

1 Cup FF Cottage Cheese = 120 cals & 16g protein

1 cup of egg whites + 1 slice turkey deli meat (I like organic) = 160 cals & lotta protein

I also like anything and everything with fiber one. You'll find you need fiber when eating high amounts of protein.

guys look up metabolic typing. everyone has different diets and ratios ( carbs, fats, protien) that work for them.

acording to the typing charts, some people need protien "protien types" some are mixed ratios and some just need high carb, low fat.

everyone is different, atkins is no better, and low carb isnt healthier than high carb. Everyones pretty different.
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