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Low calorie sweets?

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Okay..Well basically, every night when I watch TV for an hour or so before I go to bed (like my unwinding time) I'm so used to having a bar of chocolate or some crisps, I just really want to eat.

I've tried drinking water or chewing gum or fruit but it doesn't really work.

So now I'm wondering, are there any low calorie sweets that last a while? (like sweets you suck on) but not minty because mint doesn't seem to work.

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well, sugar free hershey bars (fun size) have only 35 calories and they taste really good.

there's also the 90 calorie quaker soy crisps (i love the chocolately drizzle ones)
Any of the sugar free hard candies are good. Or sugar free gum.

How about fruit? A plum is super sweet and about 50 cals.
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eating sugar will only make you want to eat more sugar. It is very sad to see how sugar makes you really addictive to it and completely ruins any effort to keep a healthy diet. I really understand your cravings, but You can try to replace the candies for handful of almonds or walnuts (not salt or anything added to it).  Actually for me the almonds have worked really well. You may think they have lots of fat, but it is a really good fat that your body needs and that will actually help you to be less hungry
sugar free werthers originals work good for are some sweets that are low cal and low sugar that i will eat for sweets:

rice cakes or caramel popcorn cakes-45-50cals

mini quakes

s.f pudding-50-60cals

s.f or f.f. ice cream-1/2 cup 70-90cals

peanut butter

2/3 cup of choco/peanut butter chex mix- soooo good..130cals

granola bars-90cals
Diet hot cocoa from swiss miss is the bestest. Its 25 cals a packet, and you can mix it with 4 or 6 ounces of hot water, but it tastes a lot richer and thicker with 4 (don't try watering it down to 8, it tastes gross). Sometimes I'll take my tall sized starbucks cup if I've used it within a day and fill it with water and mix in three packets of diet hot cocoa (75 calories) and mix it RAELLY well and it tastes like a really rich and indulgent hot chocolate cup. You can sip and savor is slowly, its not like pudding which always is gone from the tiny cup before you start practically. Its probably better if you're like me and you're at a point where you're completly resistant to the taste of artificial sweeteners. There's also one by some nestle with mini marshmallows in it for 35 calories or something, but I don't like that one as much.
Breyer's fat-free double churn vanilla icecream with diet red cream soda over top (I like the soda cold b/c it make the outer layer of icecream like ice) so yum!

Sugar-free pop cycles are great, only 20 calories so you can have two if you wanted. 

Mini bags of light kettle corn, sweet, salty, and crunchy for 100 cal

Miniature 3 musketeers bar, 20 cal each...but don't last as long as the other options =)
jolly ranchers

A REALLY filling treat I love is...

1 cup Kashi go lean crunch cereal

1/2 cup stoneyfield french vanilla yogurt (or whatever brand you like)

strawberries chopped

Mix together.. delicious and filling


Slim- a - bear ice cream--- 100 calories each

feeling like chocolate?

sugar free fudge bars are only 35 calories each and satisfy the chocolate craving. (for me anyway)

then of course there's the gool 'ol fruit salad... I just love melon salad with berries and yogurt sauce.
I'm in love with the Wal-Mart's brand of Sugar Free Jell-O gelatin.  It has 5 calories per half cup.  I like to freeze it for a few hours and it's like a slush.  I eat two servings every night and it's only 10 calories.

tootsie pop are 50cals each same for most lolipops. caramel apple pops are the same too i believe. last a long time and soo yummy. and definaetly not diety
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Go to the candy aisle in any Walgreens and they have Baskin Robbins sugar free candies. My favorite is the Cookies and Cream. They last for a while, taste awesome and are about 40 calories for 5 pieces!

Blueberries are in season, if you freeze up a cup it's less than 90calories... quite sweet and takes a little while to eat if you eat them one by one.

You can also mix them into some Cool Whip Free... Two tablespoons is only 30 calories,

mini marshmallows!! You have to eat 50 to consume just 90 cals! Also For Hot chocolate- 

1 tsp cocoa powder

1 tsp or to taste splenda

1 cup/mug hot water. 

Tastes delicious :) and really low calorie.

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