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Low Calorie Sweet and Sour Sauce?

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I just used some Kikkoman Sweet and Sour on my skinless chicken tenders the other day and think i need a substitute. It looked low(er) calorie but it had a couple flaws. For one, after i used 1/2 a cup of it the bottle was almost empty and there were supposed to be 10 (ten) 2 tablespoon servings (36 g i think). I only got that half cup and another 2 tbspns out of it so they are lying on serving count and so i don't think their calories can be that accurate. It was 35 cal per serving btw.


Anyways, can anyone recommend a good low calorie sweet and sour sauce? Also, a low calorie soy sauce would be nice too. Thanks!

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 You can make a simpler (more authentic) sweet and sour sauce with a combination of orange juice, soy sauce, a little rice wine vinegar, some grated ginger and a little cornflour.... none of those are particularly calorific.  

 Soy sauce is pretty low calorie anyway.... use just a teaspoon or two to add flavour, and add a little plain old water to your finished stir-fry to create some 'juice'.

Next time you use a ready-made sauce, take a tablespoon serving and mix it with an equal quantity of water.  When you add it to your cooking, some of the water will evaporate, leaving you with the sauce as a coating.

You can also look at Bragg's Liquid Amino as a low sodium soy sauce replacement.  I've switched to this, and I like it better than soy sauce.  Our kids use it as well, and haven't commented on a change.


Haven't tried it, myself but it has all the elements of when I freestyle a sweet and sour sauce.  Asian recipes are big on pineapple . . . and coconut milk for the sweetness. auce.html

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