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Any low calorie but STOMACH FILLING food?

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I tend to get hungry very easily, even I have taken quite a lot of protein in a day (from cheese and tuna sandwiches mainly), anyone can recommend some low calorie, preferably low fat (I take low calorie cheese wedges as snacks and I'm afraid I'm taking in too much fat!- the nutrition report says my diet consists of 44% fat!) and most importantly, STOMACH FILLING? Just for your information, I'm sticking to 1200 kcal a day limit.
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hi there, I would say the fat content would be from the cheese? I love sushi - not with raw fish but the nori roll kind with other fillings - the rice is really filling! also, flat bread wraps with tuna and salad! hope that helps, Allira
If you want super-healthy ones: broccoli, grean beans, celery, etc...

The not-as-healthy ones: sugar free jello, rice cakes, light popcorn...

And don't forget water! =)
You're gonna love this article!
Do you like chicken breast?  It's low in fat and high in protein, and very versatile.
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Thanks for your advice, claire, yes, I love chicken breast! In fact I am a meat lover, I love all kinds of meat. How do you usually cook it? I don't want to stir-fry as they're too oily and fatty for me.
chicken breast is yummy and i have it on most days for lunch..I got this recipe from a health spa that I stayed at in June...I don't quite follow it, I eyeball it now. 

Fake fried chicken

  1. chicken breast
  2. milk and/or egg whites
  3. a little bit of spices like pepper, garlic powder, dash of onion powder, whatever
  4. crushed up Special K cereal
Pour liquids and spices in a bowl.  Toss the breast in for a minute.  Roll the breast in crushed up cereal.  Cover with foil. Throw it in the oven at 400 for about 45 minutes or so. Remove foil and continue to cook for about 5 mins so the cereal gets crunchy. Voila.
Try some oatmeal, or a serving of All-Bran or Fiber-One.  All-Bran is 80 cal for 1/2 cup, eat it with some fresh blueberries, milk.  It's good, and filling too.  Also, I like it with yogurt.

Do you like soup?  There are lots of soups (homemade preferrably) that are very filling, low in cals.  My fav. is taco soup - has beans, diced tomatos, green pepper, onion, corn, ground beef, etc.  THere's a link to my website in my profile - the recipe's there if you want.
Cherry Tomatoes, Cabbage, Tomato Paste, Nori sheets......
cauliflower is very low calorie and high fiber and very filling.  Try increasing your fiber slowly to 35-40g/day.  high fiber foods are very filling and healthy for you.

love, Karen
low fat scrambled tofu, plain yogurt, OATMEAL, peaches, home made wraps (i like mine with lowfat bean dip from my local co-op), kashi cereal, and mushrooms sautaed with garlic 
This information is great. I'm also having probelsm with feeling full. In my past life (before C-C), I would eat until I was full. Now I'm looking for healthy foods that give me the felling of being full. Again really good information.
The new Weight Control Quaker oatmeal works really well. My roommate and I have been eating it for the past week and it keeps you full for about two hours longer than regular oatmeal. Granted you could just buy normal oatmel and add protein powder to it but were lazy.
Actually, the weight control oatmeal is hardly any different than normal, rolled oats - see my post (#4) on this thread 8.html

"Basically, the weight control adds 4 calories, 1.5g fiber, 1.37g of protein, and 270mg of sodium. "
Eggwhite omlettes are very good and filling! A little feta cheese, frozen spinach, and diced tomatos! Very tasty!  
i agree with the fibre folks! i love oatmeal with all bran buds thrown in (1/3 of a cup is 75 cals according to CC). fibre keeps you feeling full and gives your digestive system something to work on for quite some time. other low cal ideas for me include cucumber (you can eat a whole one for something like 60 cals), peppers, tomatoes - basically any vegetable. i also like rice cakes (plain, unsalted), but you could get flavoured ones - they are just higher in sodium.

I like Post honey-nut shredded wheat or the maple and brown sugar one.  High in sugar, but also high in fiber, low in calories and low in sodium.
no, not really.

diet soda, coffee, tea
Cherry tomatoes are like SO FREAKING GOOD!!
A handful of cashews does it for me right now. May seem like extra calories, but if it keeps you from devouring a heck of a lot more, that's what you want.
pumpkin seeds.
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