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Low calorie hot cocoa!

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I just found a way to make hot cocoa with fewer calories and a better taste! I swear it tastes better and richer than normal hot cocoa. I'm sure something similar has been posted here or on the Recipe forum before, but I had to say something because I'm so excited! hehe.

Just mix it up and heat it in the microwave:

1 cup skim milk
1 heaping tsp. baker's cocoa (I prefer SACO's so good!)
1 packet Sweet 'n Low

A mug of warm chocolatey goodness on a cold day, all for a whopping 100 calories!
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hate to burst your bubble... but...

carnation brand (maybe just canadian), has a low-cal option for 45 cals. granted it has added stuff in it that lotsa people don't care for, but at 45 cals... can't go wrong....

i'd love to try yours though... sounds healthy :)
Thats great!
There are many low-cal hot chocs out there but htey are often full of fake cocoa and other hydronized random things. Also, they are often very high in sodium. So yes, 100 cal, but big deal - you're getting a whack of calcium from the milk, without the sodium and fakeyness in those pre mixes (ignore the fact sweet and low is there... >_> <_<... still...)
I do like my swiss miss diet, but I'm sure this is a cheaper way, right?
I guess I'm just a Pennsylvania girl, with my big brown box of Hershey's cocoa powder.  I love making hot chocolate from scratch on a cold, snowy day.
Swiss Miss actually makes diet hot chocolate that is 25 calories/cup. :]
Yep, and its pretty tasty. But a little expensive and salted to the max. Plus its fortefied with fibre and calcium. 
I use the recipe on the Splenda website and make my own dry mix.  It's only 70 calories per cup.  There are other hot cocoa recipes on there, too, for "by the cup."
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