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low calorie high fiber diet meals and snacks?

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Hello.  Just looking for some ideas for low calorie high fiber meals and/or snacks.  I know we need at least 25 grams of fiber a day...which I am having a hard time finding...

Thanks in advance!

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I eat a fiber one engligh muffin w/ egg whites every morning for b-fast.. the muffing has 1/3 of your fiber needs.  Other things I eat with high fiber are fiber one cottage cheese, kashi go lean, broccoli, apples, beans (tons of fiber) and artichokes.  

all-bran extra fiber is 50 cals per 1/2 cup- mix it with a light 'n' fit yogurt and a tablespoon of raisins = 170 cals and 13g fiber.

Gnu bars have 12g fiber Smile

Beans are great- make a pot of kidney bean and vegetable stew (tomato based sauce) and serve over brown rice or baked potato/sweet potato.

Multigrain light english muffins are around 100 cals and 8g fiber- use them to make a veggie burger sandwich with an original gardenburger and the total is 200 cals with 13g fiber...serve with a salad.



Smart Pop popcorn has 3g or 4g of fiber I believe, so for 100 cals- not bad!

Fruit and Vegetables.
High Fiber WW bread.

Jan 28 2009 16:56
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You guys are lucky.  I'm supposed to be eating 38 grams of fiber per day.  That's a lot of oatmeal.....I looked into a bunch of different high fiber foods in the cc lists to see how many calories of each it would take to get to 38 grams:

Chili con carne........................1180 calories ((4 cups)

Oatmeal.................................1577 calories (9.5 cups! gag me.)

Bean soup...............................808 calories (2-1/2 cups)

Right Wheat bread..................760 calories (15 slices)

Lima beans..............................631 calories (3 cups)

Oatmeal/wheat bran mix.........494 calories (4 cups)

Canned pumpkin......................444 calories (5 cups)

Cooked broccoli........................400 calories (2-1/2 lbs)

Raw cabbage...........................380 calories (1-1/2 heads)

So lots of beans and bran and pumpkin looks like the low calorie way to go, unless I start using fiber supplements like Metamucil.  Fresh vegetables are good, too, but you have to eat huge volumes to get significant fiber.

Comparing a few of the others posted here, for 38 calories of fiber: 1788 calories of almonds, 906 calories of avocado, 1310 calories of banana, 620 calories of strawberries, 550 calories of FiberOne bars, 411 calories of gnu bars. 

And it's a lot easier to eat 3 Gnu bars than 1-1/2 heads of cabbage....

Gnu bars are can order them by the box at ; They sell them at Trader Joe's too.  They are only about 130 cals per bar and 12g of fiber.  I have one as a snack just about every day.  They taste really good too...cinnamon raisin and banana walnut are my favorites.

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Heres some ideas!

Almonds, Avocados (also good sources of fat)

oatmeal, oatbran, whole wheat breads/wraps, all bran cereal, kashi go lean, sweet potato, acorn squash, lite soymilk

broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, peppers, berries, apples, bananas, beans

oh jeez i have the complete opposite problem. I usually take in at last 50g of fiber per day and i'm trying so hard to reduce it! it's way too much!

I eat tons of whole grain breads and kashi cereals, fruits and veggies, almonds, peanut butter, granola bars and greens greens greens.


I can't help it!

wow....thanks for the info.  Where can I buy these gnu bars in Canada?

  Milled flax seed in my morning oatmeal (but start off slowly and creep up to a couple of tablespoons) and in everything I bake. Works great in muffins. Really BAD in soups and stews. (Bad mouth feel)

  Apples when I *need* to chew on something. No nuts, no avocados, but I stir fry like mad. Lots of flavor, lots of veggies! Broccoli and cabbage and carrots. Even my kids will eat it when its buzzed up with some black bean sauce and LOTS of garlic and ginger.

  Try this.

Have everything ready before you turn on the heat. Keep everything moving in the pan as much as possible.

  Start the brown rice. 2 cups water: 1 cup rice. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Done when the water is absorbed. About 20 minutes or so. Right about when you will be done with the stir fry.

  Coarsely dice one onion, two stalks of broccoli, two carrots and one chicken breast.

  I use garlic and ginger puree and use them in about a 2:1 ratio. Have them ready. 1 Tbsp garlic: 1/2 Tbsp ginger. One Tbsp black bean and garlic sauce (see the ethnic/oriental section of your grocery)

  Soy bottle open and ready.

  Heat one Tbsp or less of olive oil, *NOT* extra virgin, in a non stick.

  Toss in the onions and cook until soft.

  Toss in the carrots. Cook until they *just* start to soften (they'll cook more as we go, but under is better than over).

  Throw in the garlic, ginger and black bean sauce.

  Throw in the broccoli and cook until it gets that lovely dark green, but not until it gets soft.

  Dump the veggies onto a plate.

  Throw in the chicken. Add a touch of oil, if needed.

  Toss until color changes, splash in some soy sauce. Toss until cooked through.

  Add the veggies back into the pan and toss. Replate and serve with 1/2 cup of brown rice. Share with a friend.




I have IBS-C and have to eat about 50g of fibre a day just to keep regular. It's doable, and while calories less apply to me many fibre sources are low-cal.

The key is to get in both soluble and insoluble fibre - Insoluble (the fibre that forms bulk and regulates acidity and PH in the gut) and soluble (the fibre that helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol).

Insoluble fibre examples:
 -- Whole-wheat pastas, breads, etc
 -- Quinoa
 -- Brown rice
 -- Bran products
 -- Fruit and vegetable skins, such as potato skins, tomato skins, plum/prune skins, apple skins, pear skins
 -- Nuts and seeds, particularly flax, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts

Soluble fibre examples:
 -- Oats
 -- Rye
 -- Barley
 -- Potatoes of all varieties
 -- Psyillium husks
 -- Legumes and pulses, especially lentils, garbanzo beans (chickpeas), kidney beans, pinto beans and soybeans

And pretty much all fruits and vegetables. Particularly raspberries, plums, bananas, sweetcorn, prunes, apples, pears, blackberries, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels, asparagus, artichokes and dried fruit. Again, never introduce lots more fibre without drinking enough water to compensate. There is a more detailed list of fibre sources here for future reference.

If you eat a wide variety of natural, unprocessed foods every day, you will never have a problem with fibre.  Outside of meat and dairy, almost all natural foods contain fibre and more than enough if eaten in variety to get to 35 grams a day.  

A cup of blueberries has 3.5 grams of fibre and only 80 calories.

A cup of broccoli has 5 grams of fibre and only 55 calories.

A half cup of chickpeas has 5 grams of fibre and only 140 calories.

One large apple has 5 grams of fibre and around 100 calories. 

That's 18.5 grams of fibre in only 375 calories.   You only run into trouble in not getting enough fibre if you eat too much meat and too much processed food.  Stick to the natural stuff and it's a piece of cake.

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I have that problem too duke, but my problem comes from eating too many soy products along with other high fiber foods. Kashi hot cereal has 5-7 grams of fiber and 150 calories per packet. Oats have about 5 per 1/2 cup. Fiber One cereal has many different varieties and tons of fiber (I can't even eat it...). I have Country Hearth Lite 100% whole-wheat bread with 5 grams of fiber and 70 calories per 2 slices. Wasa crispbreads are low-calorie and have a lot of fiber also. Genisoy unsalted soynuts have 5 grams of fiber and 120 calories per 1/4 cup serving (which is a lot of soynuts). Clif Zbars, Luna bars, Luna teacakes, GNU bars, etc. have a good amount of fiber also. I've seen whole-wheat pasta with 8 grams of fiber and 180 calories in a 3/4 cup dry serving. Triscuits have 3 grams of fiber and 130 calories. Beans have at least 5 grams per 1/2 cup, and Hormel vegetarian chili has 10 grams per 1 cup, 190 calories. Along with those, there's the obvious fruit and veggies loaded with fiber.

thanks SOOO much, you've helped a lot.  I am going to try some new recipes!!

Feb 04 2009 16:25
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I got down to Trader Joes last night to find some of those Gnu bars.  Yow they're expensive! About triple the price of FiberOne and store brand equivalents. I did find some 6g fiber content bars there called Fiberful for much less and picked up a dozen to try.  They taste like fruit leather (berry and apricot), but are loaded with psyllium and flaxseed.  60 calories per bar.  

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