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Low calorie foods that fill you up?

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I need some low calorie foods that keep you full. Things to have on the side with a sandwich, or just snacks.
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I haven't found a whole lot, but at lunch I have chicken (100 calories) with a low calorie bun (80 calories) and slice of raw onion (5 calories) with melted low fat swiss cheese (60 calories) - a total of 245 calories and the sandwich fills me up.

Sugar free jello is another, sugar free pudding is amazingly good too and there are a lot of sugar free flavors.

I need more lo calorie ideas too :)

Pickles are a good side.

I have noticed you can by pickles with 0 calories, good idea :)

I love special k cracker chips (110 cals for 30 chips) not too bad! 

Kamut puffs are also good, they're an organic whole grain cereal. Mix one cup of them (50 cals) with a half a cup of unsweetened almond milk (abt~20) and a few peach slices (30) for a 100 cal snack that seems like a lot more. The whole grain cereal is really good at making you feel full. :) 


Original Post by xizzi:

I have noticed you can by pickles with 0 calories, good idea :)

Unless it's water or air, anything consumed has calories.  Companies are just allowed to market anything with <5calories/serving as calorie-free.  Food for thought.


In answer to the OP's question:  

  • Vegetables (either on their own or with a healthier dip such as hummus or something greek yogurt based).
  • Air popped popcorn 
  • Fruits
  • Reduced/low fat yogurt (greek-styled is a bang for your buck when it comes to protein)
  • Reduced/low fat cheese  (string, babybel etcetc)
  • Broth based soups 
  • Salads

A few things that came to mind..

I have found a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, an apple cut up in small pieces sprinkled with cinnamon is something I enjoy as my afternoon snack before supper. It's about 200 calories.

I will also have baby carrots and a boiled egg.

I am always looking for things too 

Oh I forgot, I just started buying multi grain cheerios to snack on - a cup has 110 calories.

Just found lentil chips. Delicious. Healthy. Baked. Low sodium.110 calories for 22 chips. Marketed by a company called Mediterranean Snacks. Found them on the internet where they tell you where they can be bought locally.


pickles, celery, cucumbers, and apples are my low calorie side go-to's.

some fruits and veggies have a rather high calorie count (like banana's and avocado's) but are still really good for you, and often lower calories then a starch (potatoes, rice) or dairy products. 

starch's and proteins are much better at making you feel full, tho. so sometimes you need to forget about the calories of a idem (like rice or a fat-free dairy product) because they still have nutrients you need and if you feel full your less likely to snack. and i've noticed that the things i like to snack on are high calorie. (bananas, granola, cheese)

i would try to keep my calories low for a meal, then snack 300+ calories anyways.

  • Veggies plain or dipped in hummus
  • Special K Cracker Chips (30chips for 110cals)
  • Fruit
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Salads with lean protein, veggies, and homemade dressings
  • Greek yogurt(low-fat/nonfat)
  • Kix Cereal, add some berries
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Sugar Free jello/pudding
  • Turkey sandwiches w/veggies
  • Fiber One whole wheat wraps (80cals)
  • Veggie Stix (38straws for 120cals)
  • Dry Cereal
  • Squash
  • Parsnips


No low-calorie foods really fill me up, unless I eat a ton of them ;-)

I guess brussels sprouts are pretty good: basically any veggies with lots of fibre, seems to expand in my stomach and give the illusion of fullness. However, eating a sensible amount of fats help you to stay more satisfied, as opposed to eating a huge volume and feeling uncomfortably full.

i enjoy celery and pesto hummus, and or ryvita mutligrain crackers and a tlbs of all natural peanut butter.  good healthy fats you may not be able to take in as much food substance wise, but the quality of the food will keep hunger at bay.

i also enjoy fat free greek yogurt with an apple, or a 1/2 cup oats on the side, with a few raspberries. its alot of variety and different textures and tastes so it makes it seem more elaborate and not so boring.

i also eat alot of watermelon.

I really like to have an apple and a piece of cheese.  I don't know if it is the fiber in the apple or the protein in the cheese, but it seems to keep me satisfied for a while.  Plus, it is a convenient grab and go snack!

It's an ideal snack!  Any fruit/veg with some protein and fat will keep you feeling full.  

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For me it is grapefruit. I love grapefruit and once I eat it, I do not want the taste to leave my mouth so I do not eat anything else. And I usually eat the whole fruit, Not just half, And I feel so full afterwards!.

arctic zero ice cream, spaghetti squash, avocado, misc. veg., seaweed, etc.


for fullness though, it's important to invest your calories wisely. protein and fat seem to keep me feeling the most satisfied. It may be more calories in the short term but in the long term you will crave less throughout the day and stay satisfied much longer.

Roasted Butternut Squash "Fries" - They should be called "Bakes" not "Fries" - LOL... They are truly satisfying to go along side a meal! Seriously!! Fiber rich, and they even have a little omega-3 fatty acids and protein (of course, not complete, but that's where the turkey or chicken come in to play on your sandwich)

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