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low calorie foods that fill u up!?!?!?

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I'm having majoorr issues keeping myself full. What are some low calorie foods that can make you feel fuller and stifle hunger?

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I like to snack on fat free popcorn, a 60 calories yogurt, rice cakes, frozen fruit, fresh veggies, or a can of green beans.  Usually when I eat a snack, then I try to do something to keep me busy a load of laundry and vacuum the house so it gives my body time to realize that I ate and I do not need anything else to eat.
oatmeal, beans, KEFIR (love it! it's like yogurt)
silken tofu---if you like tofu
Cut up a tomato and cucumber and drizzle it with a a little bit of dressing or whatever you prefer! I usually use a little bit of sweet onion sauce I bought from subway! It's gooooood!

The Quaker Apple Cinamon rice cakes are good too! No fat and 50 cals for one!
slice up an apple, spray with pam and sprinkle with cinamon.....yum

a sweet potato usually does it for me (yeah, i know, who craves a sweet potato)

how about....100 calorie kettle corn!
fresh veggies!  Cauliflower is my favorite - in a little light dressing if you need the extra flavor.  Or fruit with a little peanut butter - protein helps.

(And I crave sweet potatoes too - have one almost every day!)
Mushrooms. A can of it can fill you up real fine.

For those who like 'em.
I second that fruit with peanut butter.  Most peanut butters are around 30-35 calories per teaspoon, so I just stick a teaspoon in the jar and spread the pb on an apple or a banana.  You could also make a peanut butter foldover with one slice of bread and still potentially be under 100 calories.   Peanut butter is my friend....   twinmama
Soup helps too.
high fiber fruits and veggies.  high fiber anything really, cereal etc.  even if it's higher in cal, i'll just have a smaller portion but still fills me up for a long time
I crave sweet potatoes too! I bake three at a time and have them ready for quick meals.

fattypants, soup is low calorie for the most part. Unfortunately, it's loaded with sodium and isn't really a healthful food. The sodium actually bloats you and that is why you may feel fuller. ;-)

My fave snack is rice chex and raisins. I also find that Zone bars really do the trick in filling me up. They are also very healthy and well balanced and contain great protein. They are 210 cals a bar.
found this article early last year ~ really helped me :)

i also love the 94% fat free popcorn, 1 c = 15 cals ~ lots of crunch~n~munch power.  cold cut veggies dipped in salsa mixed with fat free sour cream.  I like to keep a pot of vegetable soup or cooked veggies in the fridge ~ easy to grab a bowl, heat and eat :)

also, anchor snacks and meals with both a complex carb with fiber and some protein.  Protein takes longer to digest and will help you feel full longer.  If you add something with heart healthy oils, fats take even longer to digest and keep you feeling satisfied.

something like 1 tbs of peanut butter on a flavored rice cake

1/2 oz of nuts along with your yogurt or a piece of fruit...


If you choose soup when hunger strikes, you could be placing yourself on the path to weight loss.

In a yearlong study of overweight people on a reduced-calorie diet, snacking on soup each day led to more weight loss than noshing on a calorie-equivalent amount of energy-dense snack foods. The key difference: even though the soup and the high-energy snack had the same number of calories, the soup took up more space in people's bellies. Thus, the soup eaters felt less hungry later and ate less over the course of the day.

Snacking on foods that have a low ratio of calories to mass -- such as air-popped popcorn, vegetable broth-based soups, and fresh produce -- may help you eat fewer calories overall and aid weight loss efforts.

When incorporating soup into your weight-reduction plan, steer clear of cream-based varieties, which are high in fat and calories. Instead, choose soups with a base of chicken broth or vegetable broth and those loaded with vegetables, kidney beans, lentils, or brown rice to keep you satisfied and help you trim down.

In a study of overweight and obese people, those who ate two servings of low-energy dense soup per day as part of a reduced-calorie diet lost an average of almost 16 pounds over the yearlong study period. The people who ate two servings of high-energy dense snack foods per day lost an average of just over 10.5 pounds -- 35 percent less than the soup-snacking group.

easy making toss it in the pot homemade broth soup making tips... .html

Great post United. Let's stress homemade soups! Canned soups are okay now and then, but are not a healthy staple in your diet.

Campbell's Healthy Request Soup-Vegetable Beef for example has 480 for sodium for the 90 cals it contains. Not a very good ratio and it's only one half can. I think the majority of people would eat the whole can. I know I would! ;-)

I will say it's not the worst choice you could make though!

Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1/2 cup Amount Per Serving Calories 90 Calories from Fat 9 % Daily Value* Total Fat 1.0g 2% Saturated Fat 0.5g 3% Cholesterol 5mg 2% Sodium 480mg 20% Total Carbohydrates 15.0g 5% Dietary Fiber 3.0g 12% Sugars 2.0g Protein 5.0g Vitamin A 50% ? Vitamin C 0% Calcium 2% ? Iron 4% * Based on a 2000 calorie diet
The good old fashioned chicken breast cajun style: slice up two breasts on a bed of lettuce with some diced tomatoes and sprinkled with cider or basalmic vinegar.  240 calories and you're good for 3 or 4 hours.

And if soups are your thing go to the NATUAL FOODS section and get the chicken broth that's w/o MSG and low in sodium.
Couple of things to consider if you're not feeling "full" enough.  Are you eating a very low fat diet?  If so, incorporate a little "good fat" into your diet: 1 tbsp of olive oil on your salad, peanut butter on an apple.  Our bodies need some fat and that's one of the things that satisfies the hunger. 

As the others have already said, high fiber foods such as fruits and veggies (especially the veggies, since they're lower in cals).  Make a big pot of vegetable soup - it's really easy - just dump a variety of veggies into a pot of broth together with a can of crushed tomatoes, and simmer with some of your favorite spices.  Totally low cal, but very filling. 
I know for me I carry little ziplocs with 6 raw cashews in each. For about 70 calories 6 cashews will keep me happy for a few hours. You can't eat a ton of them, but nuts are really filling.
I agree about soup too. It can be really low calorie and really filling. Sometimes I just need something hot too, and it really helps.
Gert is 100% on the money there.  A note on the tomatoes... a while ago I went to the store and bought some stewed canned tomatoes (I live in Newfoundland Canada where there's no such thing as "fresh" produce) for my slow cook.  I was going to buy "spiced stewed canned tomatoes" until I looked at the calories... the pre-seasoned cans are LOADED with sugar.  What a rip off hey?  You go to buy supposed health food and get sugar loaded food instead.
Bulky veggies (broccoli is a personal favorite) and tons of water. I sip water all day long, carry around a 16oz water bottle that gets refilled throughout the day.

I love broccoli and will keep a container of cleaned, uncooked broccoli in my fridge. If I'm making dinner and I'm starved, I'll eat a few stalks to tie me over.

I also keep a few unsalted almonds at my desk at work. Though have to be careful about portions, it's a satisfying snack.
An apple, a few raw almonds (sometimes together).  Banana and raw whole oats (usually together), smart-pop mini bag, some mixed veggies cooked in a can of broth.
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