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Any low-cal yogurt with NO artificial sweeteners?

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I get frustrated when I go to the yogurt section of my local grocery stores. I can only seem to find the fat free yogurt with artificial sweeteners. Why doesn't anyone make fat free with real sugar? Do I have to go to a healthfood store? Anyone have any recommendations?
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Have you looked at some of the natural yoghurts? '__' They can be low calorie and sometimes lacking in sweeteners (obviously, check the packets), and you can just add a bit of vanilla extract/cinnamon, or fruit, or jam, or a small blob of honey to them. Yum.

You can get non fat yogurts with real sugar, but they are not going to be low cal because of the calories in sugar, or any natual sweetener for that matter.

I eat Mountain High Yogurt that I buy at Whole Foods, it uses Crystalline fructose instead of sugar or corn syrup.  It is 160 calories for a cup...not excatly low, but I think that is a good as you'll find for natually sweetened.


Buy plain yogurt... 70 cals per cup, 7 g of sugar (from lactose, milk's sugar) and nothing else added. If you have to have fruity yogurt, I'd suggest organic brands, which would definitely use real sugar but you'd be looking at ~100-150 cals per cup.
Cellophane_star: What brand of yogurt do you buy??!?!  I buy the Horizon Organic plain and fat free, and it's still 110 per cup.  Occasionally I'll buy other brands but they are never any lower than 110...usually more around 120.
I usually buy Olympic brand plain 0% or 3.5% fat, Liberte plain or Safeway Organics brand plain yogurt. Sometimes the suggested serving is 175 grams for 110 cals. I'll recheck the label when I go home.
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I always buy Trader Joe's Greek Style Non-fat yogurt, it's 120 calories and only uses natural sugar or honey.  It is so thick and creamy I feel really full and sastisfied after eating one container (5.3 oz).  It's zero fat, the sugars run around 13 - 14 grams, but the protein is a huge, usually around 14 grams.  My fave's are Honey and Blueberry.  I love it because it doesn't have the "chemical"  and overly sweet taste that I get from the other yogurts that use the artificial sweetners.

I buy Nancy's yogurt - it's also a bit higher in cals (110cal for 1/2 cup) but has no artificial sweetners.  Plain is great for mixing things in - fruit, cereal, a bit of maple syrup or honey.  The vanilla is sweetened, don't remember what is used, i think honey or maple syrup. 

Basically, I'm echoing what others have said - check out a natural yogurt.  They are great for your digestive system, the live cultures work wonders, and personally, I think they fill me up better (i believe they have more protein?).

Stonyfield farm yogurt is what I use,  It's organic and they are 170 calories for 6 ounces and that is fine for me.  Fat Free chocolate underground OMG... I am going to grab one right now. 

Oikos Organic 0% Greek Yogurt is only 80 calories and high protein, Chobani and Fage are also 80-100 in their fat free varieties and have a higher protein content.

Or you could buy Yo-Baby 4oz soy yogurts (smaller portions = lower calories)

deflepfan16, I checked my fridge. Right now, I have Olympic brand fat free plain in my fridge. The label says 70 cals for a 175 gram serving.

FYI, Oikos is made by Stonyfield.

I personally buy the store brand plain non or low fat yogurt (12 g protein per serving) and add my own fruit (blueberries!! cantaloupe!!  strawberries!!  peaches!!), then some flax seed meal or wheat germ, and a tsp of agave nectar (a low-glycemic sweetener).  A yummy yogurt parfait that even has layers! :)

I'm worried about what to do when the summer fruits end--anyone do something similar with apples or pears and cinnamon??  What about winter?  Pineapple and coconut??

^ You could use canned peaches that aren't packed in syrup. I find mangoes in my grocery store all year round (I live in Canada... it's not like they're local!) and I sometimes use store-bought, frozen blueberries but they aren't as good as fresh

I know what you mean! I now eat nonfat greek yogurt (I buy it at Trader Joe's) and add stevia for sweetener. No sugar added! I also add things like blueberries, granola, nuts, and bee pollen. Delicious and super high in protein.

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The low end for non-fat unsweetened yogurt looks like about 110 calories per cup.

Starting from there, mix it with a lot of fresh or frozen berries.  Something like:

1/2 cup blueberries - 42 calories

1/2 cup unsweetened nonfat yogurt - 55 calories

1 tsp sugar - 16 calories

for a total of 113 calories. 

Or just eat the berries and skip the yogurt and sugar for 84 calories per cup.....
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I love Trader Joe's 0% Greek Style Yogurt--120 calories/serving and tons of protein!  I always keep my freezer stocked with frozen fruit to add whenever I don't have any fresh fruit on hand.  If you have a Trader Joe's near you, get the frozen berry mix--it has cherries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  If you don't have a Trader Joe's, most grocery stores carry Fage brand greek yogurt, which I like better than TJ's, but it's more expensive.

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