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Low cal chinese food?

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My parents want to take my sis to a chinese restaurant for her birthday, and the last time we wnt there, before my diet, I ate like crazy, Im sure  over 1000 calories!

I just want to know if any chinese food is low on calories?
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All I know would be steamed rice LOL.  I 'm also interested. My family loves chinese; so do I dont get me wrong but its hella greasy..
you might be able to get away with a soup...or veggie stir fry?
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Yeah, it is greasy, and whenever we go my family asks for EVERY SINGLE DISH on the menu, so everyone can eat everything lol xD

My familys so skinny, and they eat like pigs xD
rice has mass calories....most chinese food is full of sodium and oil and all kinds of bad stuff

if i were you i'd ask if the could plate up some steamed vegtables...maybe some brocolli carrots onion snap peas and stuff like that...but ask if the can STEAM them...or else your just gonna get a whole lot of oily veggies...

good luck
Yes, steamed veggies are great.  Ask them for no sauce and then put soy sauce on them to make them taste good.   The sauces they normally serve on them and the oil are what make them so high calorie.   Soy sauce is very low calorie.  I like straw mushrooms and baby corn as well as the veggies heather84clear mentioned.  Pick as many veggies as you like.  Baby shrimp taste good steamed too.  And they are relatively low calorie.  If they only have big shrimp though, I don't like those steamed.  You could try them and see what you think.

Egg drop soup and some other soups are low calorie.
If you have a chance, find out how much a 1/2 cup serving of rice looks like before you go.  Or, if your comfortable, bring a measuring cup with you.   They will probably give you quite a lot more than 1/2 cup.  Eat a whole cup if you can afford the calories and feel like it.

Fortune cookies are only about 25 calories.
White rice is heavy in simple carbs, so I'd avoid eating too much of that if I were you.

Obviously, avoid anything deep-fried (General Tso's, sweet-and-sour, etc) and go for steamed instead, like people have said. Look for good tofu and vegetable dishes, and you shouldn't hurt yourself too much.

In the end, it's all about self-restraint--I have trouble with Chinese too, and it's hard for me to just say no to all that delicious, oily, fatty, unhealthy food. Good luck. :|
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Low cal chinese? LOL.  Spring rolls (not really Chinese, but close) and BBQ pork are the only things I can think of that are remotely low cal by themselves.  If you can get a green salad somehow and top it with small amounts of sweet and sour, noodles and fried rice you might be able to make a filling low cal meal.
Try somewhere traditional. Westernised chinese is PACKEd with cals

Get a steamed fish to share but specify no oil. Have about a bowl of rice (not a full bowl!! half way. Brown if you can) Then get a steamed veggies in oyster or soy, or combination seafood. Prawns are low cal. Ask for it without oil if you can. Stick to freash fruit for dessert

Tis best to make your own.
A Chinese restaurant in my town, in addition to the buffet, has a grill where you can pick all the meat and veggies you want and the chef will cook them for you. If I eat Chinese, I go for that. They do use a good bit of oil, but it's still the best option for Chinese in my area.
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Chinese food isn't low cal, and the dishes I've had that were labeled as low cal were pretty nasty. Steamed chicken with no soy sauce, yum lol.

My advice is it's your sister's birthday so don't be a tight ass about it. Go where she wants to go and eat normal chinese food while you're there. Once in a while it won't kill you.
AS I said before, most restuarnt chiense food is tampered with to "taste good" and be cheap ie drowned in fat. Ever had chicken noodle soup? Thats pretty low cal. even with noodles. And steamed veggies with a nice sauce isnt high.
just eat HEALTHy and treat yourself. One day wont kill you. Just dont do it often. Dont get anything fried, or in a thick sauce and avoid the deep-fired icecreaM!
People shouldnt be freaking out cos rice has a few cals. It just means you cant wolf it down. its funny how we can cal reduced anyting so we can eat MORE and not gain weight, but the straving people in the world need more to gain weight. So as we gorge on no-fat no -suagr icecream, they'd kill for rice. Ah well, thats life I guess.
steamed shrimp w/ veggies. i had it from the Chinese place nearby. yummm. they have a little "Trim & Healthy" menu so i got it off that, but i'm sure you could just order it anyway even if yours doesn't have a menu like that.
Is it a buffet?  The chinese buffet I go to has steamed veggies (mostly broccoli) on it and I get crab (with lots of lemon), with a little bit of white rice and a bowl of fruit.  My bf get crab, sushi, and shrimp (and he'll sneak in a couple of crab ragoons, but he can afford to do that).  If I am in maintaining, I will allow myself an egg roll (very bad) and some butter for the crab.  Someone else said fish and that is usually good, w/out too much oil of course.
chicken on a stick
teriyaki chicken skewers are relatively low cal :) eat with some steamed rice yumminess!
Chinese food is pretty bad for you, generally. Nikidust suggested Teriyaki, which is low cal, although that's Japanese so don't count on that to be on the menu usually. Avoid the fried foods, anything with fried in the title. Chow Mein is pretty healthy, as long as it's vegetable only, and skip the crunchy chow mein noodles, I think those are pretty bad. Just have white rice with it instead. 
I w/o fail eat steamed chicken with broccoli ( the pepperish sauce they give at my place is oil free)and take 1/2 home and sometimes a cup of wonton soup w/ 3 wontons. 55 cals a wonton and 37 cal per cup of broth
Steamed veggie dumplings, steamed chicken, shrimp and broccoli w/ brown sauce on the side.  Just watch your portions and dip your fork into the sauce before you put your chicken, broccoli or dumpling on it.
check out what center for science in the public interest has to say. Tread and eat carefully at Chinses spots.
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Thank you so much for your help :D I ate steamed foods and no rice and it was delicious. The only hard part was when my sis ate tiramisu(not really chinese lol) and I only drank a tea.
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