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Hey Everyone!

It's my boyfriend's birthday today and we'll be going out with friends tonight and there will definitely be alcohol involved. I'm not going to drink excessively, but I do want to be able to have at least a few. We'll be out for at least 3 or 4 hours.

Any thoughts on yummy low calorie alcoholic beverages?

I've got 400 calories to work with after figuring in the birthday cake and birthday dinner.
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A shot of booze is around 80-100 calories.  If you drink it with diet pop - you can have a couple within that range.  I would stay away from drinks with cream or multiple shots.
I would stick with what salome said, or go with a beer or glass of wine. Margaritas have hundreds of cals in them!!
A small (3 oz) glass of white wine is 70 calories.  You could ask for a wine spritzer made with tonic or club soda and a twist of lemon or lime.  Unless you only like sweet drinks, then you could ask for something made with diet soda.
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vodka and diet coke. 

shot of Vodka 60-70cals
diet coke  0 cals.

If you can try gin and Diet gingerale.  good stuff.

Coconut rum and pineapple juice. Very healthy and it taste really good.
When I have to go out and drinks are involved I have:

- Vodka on the Rocks (With a lemon inside)
- Bacardi Silver 0 with Diet Coke

I stopped drinking Beer entirely now and if I have to - tend to stick with the hard clear liquor.
Ok... Your gonna think I'm crazy.  But.. My friend always drinks vodka & lime with water.  I always thought NO WAY! water is sacred to me.  But last weekend I tried it and it really was not that bad.  She told me never put over 1 shot of vodka, use lots of ice and always pour your vodka in first over your ice. "don't bruise your booze."  then squeeze in a fresh lime wedge,top off with water & give it a good stir.  I think that might just be my new drink of choice.  She also said to always use fresh limes never lime juice.  It really was kinda yummy! 
Rahana, with each post of yours I read, I fall more and more in love with you, lmao! What a great idea, Total Beverage... here I come on the way home from work (hey it's Friday, I know I post a lot but I'm bored, and I'm leaving my job for FL in less than a month!)
coconut rum and pineapple juice DOES sound really good.

as do the other suggestions :)

and I just hopped on a cardio machine at lunch time and now I have another 150 calories that I can use. Heehee.
I LOVE coconut rum, never had it with pineapple juice it sounds like heaven, I like it with diet coke!
I do coconut rum and diet coke, too.  The coconut rum and pineapple juice sounds too good - I'd drink it too fast and have to order another one! lol - so I like to pace myself with drinks that are enjoyable, but don't slide down the throat quite so easily.

Cap'n Morgan's Spiced Rum and Diet Coke is my standard.

I wish more bars had diet tonic.  I miss my Sapphire and Tonics.
And Cosmos.
And Lemon Drops.
And Grey Goose Martinis with a twist...

I'm a bartender and a big drinker!

There were lots of good suggestions above:

Stoli Vanil & Diet is around 80 cals (my favorite) and stoli makes different flavored vodkas to mix with diet too
Rum/Captain Morgan & Diet is also a good one around 70 cals per glass
Bud Lt./Miller Lt./Mich Ultra bottles are each around 100 calories per 12 fl. oz. bottle... Bud Lt is my fave and it's 110 per bottle

Don't drink this stuff!!!:

Fruit Juices while they may be tasty with Malibu or Parrot Bay Rum, an 8 fl oz serving of JUST the juice is around 130 calories. Most Bar drinks are 4-8 oz. drinks with 1.25 oz. alcohol. You could rack up 200 cals just for a Malibu and Pineapple!
Long Island Iced Tea has a whopping 500 calories OR MORE per drink! Eeek!!!!
Anything with milk/cream/non-diet soda in it - obvious reasons.

Wine as mentioned is a great thing to drink, with around 100 cals for a 5 oz. glass, which is average at bars.

White liquors have slightly less calories than dark liquors (for instance vodka has less than Jack Daniels) and White wines have more than Red.

Stay away from Liquers such as Kahlua - they have LOTS of calories!!

Here's a great website too: Calories in All Alcohol

Also: On average, single liquor shots are 1.25 oz.
Multi-liquor shots are 2-3 oz.
Short drinks/rocks are 4-5 oz.
Tall drinks are 8-10oz.
Frozen are 10-12
L.I.T. are always 12
Margarita glasses are 15!
Pints are 16

That's all I can think of for right now! :)
I LOVE stoli vanil and diet!  Vanilla coke, baby!  Yes!
You can also do a Bailey's and Coffee for around 100 cals (as long as you skip the whip cream!). 
The only thing is... I don't like diet pop.

dang me.

I guess I'll stick to light beer or wine.
I never liked diet pop either and having a few drinks actually is what got me liking diet pop because it would save me so many calories. 

At first, the only diet pop I could tolerate is Diet Coke.  Then Diet Dr. Pepper, and Diet Root Beer.  Now I can drink any of them.

Have fun.!
I am a fan of the vodka and soda.  its not too sweet and soda has no cals.  I also suggest that you alternate with just regular soda.  I have found that if I do this, I still feel like I am part of the group and having fun (not that you need alcohol to have fun) but sometimes its hard to tell people that you are out with that you are not drinking.  I have been there before and have been given a hard time.  But if I alternate between a clear drink like vodka soda and just soda with lime, no one I am with knows that difference.

I can tell you that alcohol adds up fast and really hinders the weight loss.  When I stopped drinking the weight came off a lot easier.
I don't get how rum can be low in made from sugar?  whats the deal with that?
I like the rotating diet pop in. Good idea.  I also make sure I have a glass of water on the side.  The drinks go down too fast otherwise - just because I am really thirsty.
I used to drink more than I do now...but, as I still enjoy the taste and usually am VERY thirsty, I get a tall club soda with lemon or lime and a glass of wine. I sip the wine, and glurp the club soda and when each are half empty I mix them together. Voila! 3 drinks for 2 and not very expensive either.

Vanilla vodka or citoren vodka is my 2nd choice if I am having a mixed drink. Either on the rocks with a splash of water or with diet coke (BTW: Isn't diet coke and vodka called a SLIM BOMB?).

And when out to a posh place with hubby ;0) we each get a a Bobbay Sapphire martini..with a twist of lemon or the olive...very nice but seems an acquired taste...strong stuff.

I work a cocktail calories into almost every day ... I figure at my age <AHEM> I deserve the R&R more than losing out on the calories.
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