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Lost weight after quit drinking soda?

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Ok.... So, as some of you know I'm a (Diet) Cokehead.... I'm really trying to kick the habit so I can get rid of my bloated stomach and quit wasting $60 or so a month on the crap...  What will really motivate me, is to hear from people who have quit drinking soda (or cut back) and have seen a change in the size of their tummies... Please share experience, thoughts, etc...

Lo agradezco (I appreciate it)
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I gave up soda for well over a year.  I picked up healthy eating habits and drink only water.  However, one year later, I have gained over 10 pounds.  I think that there is more to it then just "quitting soda" that will help you lose weight. At least, I cannot think of anything else based on my experiences.


I agree with armygeddon, that it really depends on the person.

I have been reading the book The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress.  It is amazing how different each and every one of us our.  Everyone seems to think that we all have the same metabolism and certain diets will work for everyone.  NOT TRUE!!!  Many of us simply cannot lose the extra weight until we get our metabolism right.  I HIGHLY recommend this book!!

I quit drinking Diet Pepsi about a month ago.  I would go through at LEAST a 2 liter bottle a day.  That doesn't include the can or two I'd pick up wherever I went. Before I quit drinking diet soda, I didn't work our or mind my diet.  The day I quit drinking soda, I started going to the gym 5 days a week and reduced my calorie intake to 2000-2400 calories a day per my nutritionist.  At 6ft. tall and 295 pounds a month ago, I am at 272 today.  


I quit drinking diet coke about 2 months ago and I have gained probably about 10 pounds since. I'm a relatively active person as I live in a city and walk most everywhere. Even though I gained weight for anyone who is debating whether to stop or not - STOP. Aspartame is horrible for your body (I should know - I did a research project on it) and this really inspired me to stop. 

Even though I've gained weight, it's very liberating to finally stop drinking something that I'd been addicted to for a year. At my worst, I was drinking about 5 bottles per day (normal size) and now I know I'm not pouring my money into a company which gives people health problems. 

At one point I switched to Sprite 0 because I thought it was 'lighter' but turned out still to make my head, tongue, and mouth feel funny after drinking too much. 

Bloatedness has left (though pounds have crept on). The empowerment of knowing that I could stop was worth it though - NEXT positive challenge, losing weight Smile

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Original Post by mgi015:

I haven't made soda drinking a major thing in my life, but my husband has.  He used to chug 2 liters of Mountain Dew EVERYDAY!  Well he had a health scare and decided to cut out the Mountain Dew.  He lost about 20 lbs. within a year of stopping.  No other lifestyle change was made.

It couldn't have been that bad of a scare if the only lifestyle change was to stop drinking Mt Dew. Was he mixing it with arsenic? I hope he's getting regular checkups.

no worries i am 15 years old, and april 13, 2010 i just decided to stop drinking soda out of no where. i didnt lose any weight but now i am always hydrated, i am a gymnast and cheerleader, and i get less light headed and dizzy during practice. but ii cut out all sugary drinks, i am a pure water drinker.:) GOOD LUCK ! :)

I used to drink a can of diet/sugarfree coke or energy drink every day or two. Uncertainty about its health effects freaked me out, so a month or two ago I just decided to stop cold turkey, no phasing it out, just saying no (if only I could be so strong with what I eat! lol). Anyway, since then I haven't noticed any weight lost, but I'm definitely a lot less bloated, which gives the appearance of weight loss anyway ;)

If I want a soda I just have the real thing...usually about a can a week now :)

The science on this one is really muddled, unfortunatly.  Diet soda has no calories, so it shouldn't make you put on weight.  There have been studies, however, that very clearly show people who drink diet soda tend to weigh more on average than people who drink no soda at all.  Exactly why is very unclear.  Some people think it is a lifestyle thing, that people who avoid soda all together are more likely to have better eating and health habits overall, thus the lower average weight.  There are also people who suspect there is something metabolic going on with the artificial sweetners in diet soda, they they are somehow triggering a response in the body to store fat, even though there are not actually adding calories to the diet.  If this is the case (and that is a huge if) the mechanism behind it is not at all understood.

My opinion is that giving up diet soda is probably a good health move, but on its own will not make a major change in your weight.  If you were drinking lots of regular soda thats a clearer choice, as you would be removing lots of refined sugar and thus calories from your diet.  If you want to drop weight I would suggest a combination of exercise and tracking your total calorie consumption.

Up to age 15 I drank wayyy to much soda. I was 140lbs and wanted a flatter stomach but everything else was very toned on me from being a 3 sport athlete. I stopped drinking soda for good after my 15year physical, and lost 5 pounds completely, and my stomach shrunk, and I continued to eat everything else I usually did.

I switched to a completely vegan diet about 4 years ago (have since switched back - wont' go into reasons). But when I first 'went vegan' I didn't become a "skinny vegan", oh no. I gained over 20 lbs!! I think it was from my daily bubble tea: 16 oz of sweetened, flavoured tea plus tapioca balls. It's like a large pop. And yah, sure, I ate a bit more than I should have and didnt' exercise enough, but as soon as I gave up the bubble tea my weight started to go back down to where it normally is. And this is tea, without a whole lot artificial. I didn't even have the kind with milk powder in it because that's not vegan. So yah, sugary drinks are not good. Anyone who gives them up is doing themselves a huge favor. Now I mostly drink water, occasionally some soda water. I have a few cups a day of black coffee (I happen to like it). I don't drink juice, either, from my student days when I refused to carry heavy things from the store. But I consider juice as being like pop, only slightly healthier. It's not the same as eating fruit. I eat lots of fruit :)

I stopped drinking soda (diet coke and diet sprite) and all sweet beverages (all juices, ades, ice teas) over a decade ago and really believe it has helped me slim down my mid-section a great deal.  Of course, I also started eating healthy and exercising regularly at the same time, so it was probably a combined effect. 

Still, I noticed even when my diet/exercise waxed and waned and weight fluctuated over the years (I've remained almost completely soda and juice-free, except for the occasional little cup of in-flight soft drink and occasional ice tea or lemonade at the mall, which probably all add up to less than 5 drinks per year), I've happily never regained the bulge-y stomach and fleshy waist of my college days.

Whether or not the results show in your waist line, cutting out the carbonation and chemicals will surely benefit your health.  As you've said, stop wasting money on crap that will only posion you.  You and your hard earned money deserve better! 

When I was in highschool, I weighed 140 at age 16 at 5'5. I was a little uncomfortable with my stomach, so asked my doctor. I told her I do drink soda often when asked and she said just try to limit it. I stopped drinking soda and lost 5 lbs permantantly and saw shrinkage in my stomach for 3 years(now have an ed so weight is a dff topic) I don't even miss drinking it.

In my mid twenties I was pretty healthy and although a pretty broad shouldered guy.  My tummy was not hanging over my belt or anything.  I was not Fit but very normal and not "Fat" by any sense of the word.  I was around 180 lbs and for 6ft thats not too bad for my frame.

Since my late twenties I switched from a job that was very physical to one that has me sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day.  The ammount of excercise I get has been non existent and for the last 8 years I have been drinking an Entire 12pk of Regular COKE a Day...

I am now up to 245lbs and have a very pronounced Belly,  it hangs well over my belt and although my Arms or Legs do not seem to have gained alot of weight,  It all seems to have gone to my Face/Neck and My Belly.

I also have been diaganosed recently with type 2 diabetes and while STILL drinking a full 12pk of Reg COKE a day, it is Impossible to get my blood sugar down below 240 Even after 12 to 24 hours of Fasting. 


I am a single dad,  I have raised my (now 8yr old) son since the day he was born  (Myself) after having Lost my Wife due to complications during the delivery.  I WANT to be around to see my son grow up.  I cannot STRESS ENOUGH,  to hell with "Only" Looking Better  (That is something that will be a great side effect) but The HEALTH Implications (If I were to keep heading down this Road) are Horrible.

I am (as of This Weekend) going to switch to Diet Dr Pepper (which I don't mind at all)  I am going to wean myself off the Diet Dr Pepper (over the course of 2 months) to Crystal Light (Pink Lemonade - Which I actually Quite Like)  and  WATER...   I am hoping and praying that I will be able to get my Diabetes,  High Blood Pressure, Colesterol, Anxiety, Weight, and just my Energy in General,  all in check and under control.

Let me know if any of you out there have had similar experiences, any suggestions or comments and I will try to update after a month or so to let u all know how it is going...


I used to go through a case or two of regular coke/pepsi a week probably. I've entirely changed what I eat as well as become very active, but I've cut sweetened drinks out of my diet entirely. I only have coffee, tea (both without sugar) or water and I definitely don't miss it at all. I've lost a ton of weight (due to the exercise/good diet as well) but I'm sure that cutting out all the sugar junk in there helped. I've also found, as you cut added and refined sugars out of your diet, everything else tastes much better. You can taste natural sweetness in many foods you never could before. 

Definitely drop the pop :) 

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Try drinking water with fresh lemon juice to create a more alkaline atmosphere for your body.  Another thing to discover...Alkaline foods vs. Acidic. 


Lemons are highly alkaline in the body but acidic outside of the body. 

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