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Lost weight after quit drinking soda?

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Ok.... So, as some of you know I'm a (Diet) Cokehead.... I'm really trying to kick the habit so I can get rid of my bloated stomach and quit wasting $60 or so a month on the crap...  What will really motivate me, is to hear from people who have quit drinking soda (or cut back) and have seen a change in the size of their tummies... Please share experience, thoughts, etc...

Lo agradezco (I appreciate it)
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We  have not had soda in the house anymore since January. It started because my husband is a type 2 diabetic and could not help himself from drinking it.  I was curious about the high fructose corn syrup issue so we have cut alot of that out as well. The only time we do get it is when we go out to eat maybe once a month to every 6 weeks. It is more of a treat. To be honest I do not miss it. It has been worth it. I have had an easier time of losing weight and my waist size has decreased 3' as wll as my husbands. My daughter who is skinny has lost slight bump and has a flat stomach almost ripped. We are eating less as well because the soda is not making our fullness anymore.  
I gave up Pepsi for my new year's resolution (I started a week later once all the visiting people's houses and eating was over). It's been about 3 months since I gave it up, and I really don't miss it that much!

My boyfriend is a Pepsi addict, and sometimes when he drinks it in front of me the smell either gives me a craving or makes me want to vomit! He is trying to quit smoking, so I figure if sees I can give up pepsi, he can give up the smokes!

In place of Pepsi, I have been drinking a lot of water, and also tea throughout the day (chamomile at night, earl grey or orange pekoe during the day). I didn't give up just Pepsi, also all carbonated beverages like 7Up, Cream Soda, Root Beer, etc.

Since I started at C-C (end of January) I've lost 15 pounds and before I started here I figure I lost up to 5 pounds just from getting rid of Pepsi.

Good luck with the Coke! You can do it!
Diet coke and all diet sodas are very sweet tasting. It would make sense that if you stopped drinking them, then foods that actually have sugar like fruit and candy, would taste much sweeter than when you were drinking the soda, and thus satisfy you with less. A lot of nutrition professionals stand behind the theory that your tastebuds are trainable... and re-trainable. Aspartame and other chemical sweeteners, are much sweeter than sugar, so it trains us to think that a moderate amount of something sweetened with real sugar isn't sweet enough. It makes sense to me.

I would cut back gradually if I was you. Pick your two favorite times of the day to drink DC, then eventually cut back to your favorite time of day, then cut the serving in half, then just drink water with lemon.

No one really knows what all those chemicals do to your body because the effects have not been studied long-term.
I am one of the biggest advocates you'll ever meet for quitting soda. I cut it out of my diet all together after my freshman year and I dropped five pounds with absolutely no effort. I wasn't dieting, exercising or eating particularly healthily (ie: I still ate whatever I wanted). I have no idea what the explanation for that is, especially since I drank diet sodas for the most part, but there you have it. Hope I helped. :)

So you lost weight after quitting drinking mainly diet soda?  That's what I drink... I'm hoping to lose weight after quitting, even though it is diet soda and I'll probably lose water weight.  I'll take what I can get, though!
The phosphoric acid in many sodas, diet coke included, has been linked to lower bone density in women.  Maybe it will help if you imagine yourself hunched over as an old woman if you continue to drink as much as you do. 

I used to drink about 32 ounces of diet coke a day and it was really hard to give up.  I would get headaches from the lack of caffine if I stopped cold turkey.  It took about 3 months to phase it out but I almost never drink it anymore.  About a week ago I had a diet coke as a treat and it tasted horrible.  It felt and tasted like I was drinking a chemical and my stomach hurt almost the second the stuff hit it.

I didn't notice a change in waist size, I didn't really check, but I know I feel better not being tied to some drink to keep headaches away and hopefully I will be able to stand up straight in my old age.
I haven't made soda drinking a major thing in my life, but my husband has.  He used to chug 2 liters of Mountain Dew EVERYDAY!  Well he had a health scare and decided to cut out the Mountain Dew.  He lost about 20 lbs. within a year of stopping.  No other lifestyle change was made.
I used to drink Pepsi all day, every day and two weeks ago I gave soda up and I have noticed an increase in energy, a decrease in feeling bloated, and I sleep better at night. I don't know if I've lost any weight but I sure do feel better all around.

Oh, and I drink a LOT of water now, a glass or two of green tea (iced, no sugar) and a few times a week I'll use a generic Crystal Light type stuff in a bottle of water (lemonade flavor).
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I love all kinds of soda. I'm addicted to caffeine and seem immune to it. I currently drink the soda vault which has a ton of it. For years i have had bowel movement and abdominal pains that would cause me to sit for hours at a time unable to move. I blacked out and almost passed out once on a hot day. I would have constipation, and diarhea. I figured it was bad food and soda, but it was hard to give up. At one point I had figured out the source. it was Coke which i was always drinking. I could drink any soda out there even vault as much as i wanted and i would never get pains that badly. Even food didnt do that to me. When i stopped drinking coke, I went months without having a single pain. Today I actually bought one 20 fl oz of coke and drank it. And it is hurtin reallll bad. haha. So whatever is in coke, i suggest no one ever drink the stuff. I figure its the phosphoric acid. After all, it does remove rust.
umm... but does anyone have any stories about losing weight after cutting DIET pop (or soda)?
I have been drinking Diet Coke since I was seven, I am now 16. I quit cold turkey five days ago, and replaced it with water. Since then, I have lost 3.5 pounds. I am no longer bloated and have not had one headache since. I set one Diet Coke aside for today, a little reward for if I could go the five days without drinking one. I took one sip, and I can't even stand the taste, its ten times sweeter than I remember, and I honestly think I am better off without it.
Well, I have lost 69 lbs since September 24, 2006.  1. by not drinking regular pop anymore, I mainly drink diet pepsi wild cherry.  I dont have symptons of bloatedness unless its a hot summer day, which would happen regardless of whether I was drinking diet or not.  I hate the taste of water unless its ice ice cold, and while at work I cannot keep it that way regardless of what i do.  I first kicked the habit of regular pop when i started getting dehydrated and lost about 10 lbs within 2 weeks.  Heck i thought i was doing good lol

So my regular pop habit was gone, then I found out I had diabetes (type2) and was the cause for the dehydration.  So then it was really out of the question.

and also I started eating healthier on top  of that.

Not only this time, when I was in 8th grade I weighed 180 lbs at graduation.  I looked in the mirror that day and decided nope not gonna go to highschool looking like this.  Stopped the regular pop and drunk diet, and lost 30lbs in 2 months.  Im telling you the regular is really a killer!  The diet doesnt hurt me at all tho.

Ive never ever been a snacker or a sweet eater too much so the fact that it sweeter has no bearing on that.

the only ill affects i got from any soda was coke, if i ever drunk a regular coke, i had heart burn for hours.... the diet doesnt do it to me tho.
Yesterday I vowed not to touch the stuff... (an achievement for me - i'm obsessed).  Drunk water instead and I just didn't get hungry.  It was bizarre! I think maybe i've been mistaking thirst for hunger x
I was a diet pop fanatic too! I decided to stop drinking and diet beverages and stick with water about a week ago. I am noticing a huge difference! My appetite has really evened out, plus I'd had a 4 pound gain recently and that went away really quickly.

I am one of those people who just hates drinking plain water. I'm trying to get used to it b/c it seems to have so many benefits for me. Good luck out there!
I gave up sodas years ago and it did help me lose weight.  However, the most dramatic story was from the son of a man in my Weight Watcher's At Work group.  The kid was working at a fast food place and got free drinks all day.  He was pretty chubby.  All he did was switch from sodas to ice water and lost 15 pounds in 3 months.  That's all - just gave up the sugary drinks and didn't change his diet one bit! 
Your guys' stories are so motivating!!  I really want to quit drinking diet coke.  It's really hard to do since i've been drinking it nearly all my life!!

I'm sick of having a bloated stomach all the time because of the evil diet coke!
Soda is the one and only thing I have cut completely out of my diet and kept cut out of my diet since I started this journey a little over 8 months ago. I have lost 11 inches around my waist so far. I don't know if that is all from not drinking soda (probably not all).
I also forget to add that since then I have lost 61 pounds, and I know that with the pop, I don't think it would have been so much. I have had only one craving for pop since I stopped drinking it, and I am around people who drink it daily. That craving was 2-3 months after I quit drinking it. I wasn't even drinking diet pop, it was the real stuff. I have vowed to never touch the stuff again. It's really worth doing in my opinion. I do buy a bottle of this carbonated water at walmart once a week. It tastes good, and kind of gives you the feel for pop. Maybe you can try that, I enjoy the cherry flavor.
i like the carbonated water, but to me its just flavored pop too just because its carbonated.  Waters not suppose to be carbonated. lol

I remember as a kid in the 80's drinking seltser water it was flavored and in little 10 oz glass bottles, that's what the walmart water reminds me of.

I do drink it but not alot, ill buy a 4 pack or a couple of those 33oz bottles.  If its gonna be flavored water tho, ill just add crystal light lemonade to it.
I don't know if that's exactly true. I have been drinking 7 cans of Pepsi every day for as long as I can remember. I have quit for 5 months to the day,  hearing about arteries and all that stuff, and HOPING I would lose the wieght. My eating habits have not changed a bit nor has my physical activity, which is walking for 2 hours every day with my dogs. I just had a physical today and I have GAINED 7 LBS, since I have stopped drinking pop. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY!! My Dr. thinks maybe it has something to do with the caffine in the pop and the amount I was consuming that has made me gain weight after quitting, presuming it was a dependancy, just like when some people quit smoking they gain weight. I think it just depends on the person.
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