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How long can thawed, uncooked fish fillets stay refrigerated?

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I took a frozen fish fillet out this morning to thaw, thinking I was going to eat it tonight. As it turned out, when I got home, I felt too sick to eat anything. In fact, I am not even sure if I"ll be better by tomorrow. Would it be alright if I left it in the fridge for a couple of days?
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I wouldn't take my chances for more than 48 hours uncooked.

However...  put it on a plate with some lemon juice and herbs/spices and cover with waxed paper and microwave it for a few minutes.  However you season it, you can microwave it and I promise it is fabulous and fast.  You can then put it into the fridge for a few more days.  I will be eating trout that I cooked over 5 days ago for lunch tommorow! I should be okay!!!

Hope you feel better.

Thanks Karen, I am going to do that right now. I still can't eat anything, but I am well enough to deal with it without getting sick. It has only been 24 hours since I took it out, so it should be good.

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Smell it first. If it smells like fish or looks slimy, chuck it.
I always ask to smell the fish in a market before buying it.

also, I would cook it for now.

Fish!!  I ordered Sea Bass last night at a restaurant and I hated to do this, but I sent it back.  I could smell the rancidity when the server put it down in front of me and I tested a piece just to be sure.  It definitely had the wrong taste and smell.  I got a good piece of salmon instead.  I do not think it was properly refrigerated although it had not been frozen.

Like the other poster mentioned, I think 48 hours is safe.  You're going to pick up off odors soon but you should be safe food bacteria wise within that time frame. 


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