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Has anyone here tried lite avocados? I bought one last night and was really disappointed. I tried to make guacamole and ended up having to put it in the blender with some water in order to mash it b/c it was so firm. I bought one that was firm yet gave a little which is the normal routine with a regular avocado. The flavor was also bland and I had to add lots of lemon juice and spices to make it taste good. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I grew up eating avocados on a regular basis and these just seem gross.
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A 'lite' avocado presumbly is a variety selected for its lower oil content.... Which is what gives an avocado its flavour.    

YUCK! is all I have to say. I bought one by accident just cuz it happened to be on sale, it doesn't have the same flavor at all!! I'd much rather have a regular one

welcome to the world of GM foods?

hmmm. mine was delicious. made my guac chunky, but then that's how I like it.

Am starting to suspect these food labels. There aren't enough organic farms in the US to supply Pizza Hut with organic tomatoes. just sayin.

I went on the USDA's website and they are not listing organic certified farms in our country, so there's no way to verify what I'm buying. I smell an organic rat.

I like them fine... they're the only brand of avocados my local grocer carries, so I've got no choice! I think I like them better than regular avocados because you can eat more per sitting to get the same calories. And because regular avocados start tasting really... "green" after a few bites. The "slimcado" doesn't have the same green taste.

I haven't seen these in the market yet, but wouldn't bother.  The fat in avocado is the very best kind.  I'd rather limit my portion to control calories than mess with a good thing.

wow i didnt even know they existed. They sound weird though, and i like that when i eat avocado i'm getting a good dose of healthy fats :) I'd probably give them a miss.

At my grocery store "lite" avocados are just Florida Avocados. Florida Avocados have less oil that the standard hass avocados.

Since I work at the store where I got it I guess I'll tell them not to throw away the produce b/c its starting to look 'ugly'. I'm guessing these need to be feel really soft to get the right flavor.
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I love love avocados. I eat avocado sandwiches, salads and dips often. 

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