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List of Negative Calorie Foods

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Here is a list of negative calorie foods. No that doesn't mean the
foods have negative calories ;) I wish lol. What it means is that
when you eat these foods raw or in some cases slightly cooked with nothing on them
your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what
is in the actual food itself. For a healthy weight loss and a little
boost add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most are full of
nutrients and won't weigh you down.

Thought this might help some of you :)




cabbage (green)
Chile peppers (hot)
garden cress
green beans

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Thanks Christin for the list of negative calorie foods. I like just about everything listed and that is a real plus for me.
I am just beginning a weight loss program and need all the help I can get with new ideas and information.

Huge help. Thanks!
This is GREAT. Im trying to jump start my diet after christmas and am starving..lOL> this means I can pad out my food intake and not bother counting these as calories:)..thanks again:)
thats pretty cool information.... i didnt know papaya was a vegetable either...
I think Papya is a fruit isnt it...giggles anyway its on the list which is good but I am allergic to beans are my favorite on this list.
Yes, papaya is in fact a fruit, it got put on the wrong list ;) but hey, tomatoes are technically a fruit and we all call them vegetables right? lol
yep....tomatoes are a fruit at least that is what they say...giggles...maytars are the better way to say them though...giggles....tatars know us southerners...I really like this website...I am so glad I found it . It has been so helpful to me. YEAH
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Hi Christin,
That list is a real boost for me today, trying to find some new snacks. Where did you get that information? I new the calories in celery were negated by just chewing and digesting it... but I never heard of the others on this list doing the same. Thanks!
Hi Dolly,
the information came from a Negative Calorie dieting book called "obesity and weight loss". Also you can do searches on the internet for "negative calorie foods" and find lists that way.

Most raw fruits and vegetables are very healthy and many of them are fat burners when they aren't slathered in fattening dressings or having the nutrition cooked out of them :).

Since I started eating raw fruits and veggies every day I not only feel better I am losing fairly rapidly as well.

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Thanks Christin,
But you can still cook the vegetables right? You mean just don't overcook them? I made the mistake of eating a lot of parsnips when I first started to eat more vegetables. I love them. Then I found out that they are NOT good vegetables to be eating if you're trying to lose weight. Apparently peas are not to be eaten in huge amounts either. Or corn.
That info came from a Weight Watchers friend of mine. Hopefully she is correct because I'd hate to be giving up some of my favourites if I don't have to.
yes if you cook lightly steam or gently saute for just a few minutes, leave some tenderness to them. Boiling and broiling veggies kills nutrients and anytime you overcook you defeat the purpose.
Keep in mind that the soil many plants are grown in these days has been nutritionally depleted anyway so the closest you stay to raw the better, but you can cook and still gain some benefits. I know some vegetables I have to cook. Like brocolli, I just don't like it totally raw so I steam it a little and add some lemon juice.

Corn and Peas are very good for you but they do have more calories than other vegetables because they are a starch. a half cup of peas packs a 70 calorie punch whereas you can eat half cup of raw carrot sticks for only 40 so yes there is a difference but don't give them up entirely, just use sparingly :)
Here are some more metabolism boosters:

- green tea and coffee: caffeine and EGCG increase your heart rate and nervous system activity (use in moderation, of course)

- milk, whole-grain cereal, and oatmeal: slow breakdown of calcium, complex carbs, and fiber

- jalapeno, habanero, and cayenne peppers: capsaicin increases your burn rate
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Tea is a great option. Lots of EGCG which are very effective antioxidants. I drink green, black or oolong only. All three come from the true tea plant. All other teas are brewed from herbs or roots. I like to drink it 30 minutes before I exercise. This gives the flavonoids an opportunity to appear in my blood stream which provide an antioxidant boost. This in turn helps my body handle any free radicals that are induced by exercise. Combating those free radicals increase long term health and help improve our basic metabolic functions.
huh....I tell you what! Some of you friends know a bunch about nutrition. I need to start reading up. Thanks for the info. huggers
Christin! This is awesome information! Thanks for sharing it with us!
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I have seen over and over about the foods but what about the 100% pure fruit and vegetable juices are they also negative calorie?
I'm no expert - just guessing, but often juices have been strained and the skin and pulp discarded, so there's a lot less fibre in the juices, which means I guess, its easier for your body to digest. As fibre isn't absorbed, it doesnt take up calories, making juices more calorie dense. Just guessing, but it seems to make sense right? Just check some nutritional info. 
Unforunately 100% pure juice are not negative calories, you use so little energy digesting them that thye are positive calorie foods.
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Well darn wishfull thinking :( i hate drinking just water but oh well guess that is what i have to do to lose more by the the way i have lost 6 pounds in the last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Billmary, I have to agree that sometimes I want some flavor too.  I use the Great Value brand of the drink mixes you add to your bottle of water.  I like the fruit punch flavor.  It's sugar free... as a matter of fact it's also free of calories, fat and carbs.  It has 10mg sodium and 15 mg potassium.  I add one pack (which is two servings) to a 32 oz bottle of water and shake like a mad woman.

Each pack is two servings, each serving turns 8oz of water into fruit punch.  Walmart sells the Great Value brand and it's only $2.00 a box for 10 packets of fruit punch mix.

It's nice for a little something special and it's helping me avoid soda. (i'm a Mountain Dew addict.)
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