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Lettuce does not agree with me

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I really do love a good salad but everytime I eat lettuce I have bad stomach pains and have to run to the bathroom with diarrhea a few times.  I would think it was just my weird stomach but this happens to my husband too.  He says it because we are getting old.  He is 49 I am 41.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Do you think it might just be a matter of getting used to it? 
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Try baby spinach, it makes a great salad.
It must not be because you're old, because it happens to me every now and then too, and I'm 23 :)

I had a nice salad for dinner tonight, no poops, but big gases, haha :)
Okay rebanator, you made us both laugh!
I would give it some time (and not eat it if you are going out, lol).  I had the same problem when I started eating more fruits and veggies.   My body had to readjust to healthy foods after yrs of eating garbage.  Don't give up on lettuce yet!
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For awhile most of my meals were fruit and veggie based, meaning i was taking in a TON of fiber. at first I had the same problem, but I stuck with it and then it didn't bother me at all! Then I started replacing some of my fruit and veggie diet with protein and whole grains, but soon realized I wasn't eating enough fiber, so back to downing salads it was! At first I had the same problem you're having, but eventually your body just gets used to it and it's not a problem!
I think the problem is not the vegetable itself, but the manner in which it has been handled! Every now and then lettuce takes a strange hold on my system, and I either end up burping funky lettuce burps, or running to el bano in the same fashion. This only really happens if I have lettuce at a restaurant... although I believe it happened once at home as well. I eat A LOT of lettuce! If it isn't washed properly, there are many things that could be in or on the leaves that have not been rinsed away. Plus, the water content of lettuce is very high... so.. (now this is not a pleasant thought, but it is true) if the quality of the soil that the lettuce grows in is bad, or the water which helps the lettuce grow is of poor quality or contaminated, then you eventually eat bits of that when you eat the leaves.

My suggestion to you is to buy a head of lettuce or some of that pre-packaged stuff and rinse it off when you get home. Make yourself a lettuce-only salad and try to eat other neutral things that you know agree with you throughout the day. If it doesn't have the same hold on you, then you know that it is the handling, not the produce itself. But- if you do have the same reaction, then maybe you have an allergy or your system just does not like lettuce... and then I would recommend sugar snap peas to appease the greenies :)
I get diarrhea off veggies too. Lettuce, corn, and carrots are the ones who like to show up the most. Well actually, they all never digest in me properly, by lettuce (especially shredded) goes right through me.

I'm 21 years old, so I doubt it has to do with age.

Shmee might be on to something though, I'm going to start buying REAL heads of lettuce, which are cheaper anyway, and see what happens.
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I get gross lettuce burps 99% of the time after eating lettuce. It doesn't matter what kind it is, or where I buy it from. I've had it my whole life. For once I'd like to eat a salad, taste it once, and not have to taste it again a hundred times throughout the day as I continue to burp up the same taste continually. It only happens with lettuce. It sucks because I'd never substitute with cabbage or spinach- I can't stand that stuff. Anyone know how to make lettuce burps go away?

have you tried something like usly-easy-grilled-romaine-salad.html ; a grilled romaine salid, where the lettus is cooled so its less firm, kinda like wilting spinich so you still have to chew and isn't mushy. 

Also have you tried doing salids with greens that arn't lettus, or the ones that are "spring mixes" where they have the frilly stuff, that is softer and mgiht be easier to digest.. or just leaving the lettus out, and just doing a chopped salid of veggies that you can digest well?

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My stomach can't handle grilled. I love veggies, but I also love lettuce and hate leaving it out of my salad. For me, it's not a salad without lettuce.

I don't know if it's a gas thing, but don't they make pills or vitamins to get rid of burping and gas?

Hi there, regular old store-bought lettuce always gives me diarrhea.  Same goes for my Dad... baby spinach seems to be ok, though.  I'm 55 and have had this trouble a number of years.

It's a digestive system thing - particularly your colon. Every female on my mother's side of the family has colon issues, and lettuce, certain beans, and raw onions just do not break down easily in our bodies. There are some people who have the necessary acids and such to digest extremely high fiber veggies; the rest of us have to choose to endure the gas and other grossness or find other ways to get our fiber. And yes, it does get worse with age. :)

Ever since I was young enough to remember, on a lot of occasions when I go out to eat, it does not agree with me. I am 16 and I've narrowed it down to lettuce, but it's not everytime. I don't exactly know if it's a food allergy or what, but it's a litteral pain in the behind! I'm just lucky on my prom night I didn't order lettuce!! :P


I'm not sure about the age thing and lettuce.  I quit eating lettuce salads a long time ago because lettuce seemed to wilt so fast, if I didn't eat it right away.  I long ago switched to using green cabbage and dicing it/shredding it myself.  I basically eat it the same way as I use to the lettuce salads.

I have found that a head of cabbage keeps a fairly long time, does not wilt as fast, and has a fuller flavor.

However, I know of no reason why cabbage would be any easier to digest than lettuce.

Best of luck!

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