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lemon juice... a fat burner?

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today at work i heard from a friend that drinking pure lemon juice with hot water can help to burn the fat away if you drink it at least 3 times a day? 

look, i'm at the stage where i'm going to try just about ANYTHING if i'm told it'll burn my fat away, so i gave it a shot. freshly squished lemon juice mixed with hot water. it was foul, and left my tummy feeling a little icky and sore... soo, i'm wondering if its actually safe and worth it? 

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If only it were true! But sorry to say, the only way to burn away fat is to eat less calories than you burn.

(One of my friends read that sniffing apples and bananas helps you lose weight, which I call complete BS on, but nonetheless, she still sniffs bananas for a good 2 minutes in the dining hall while people give her weird looks.)

The point is, if something seems too good/easy to be true, then it probably is!

Oddly enough, the idea that sniffing certain smells might help weight loss isn't completely BS (unlike the idea that hot lemon water burns fat). Here is a link to the Smell and Taste Institute where research is being done on the effects of food aromas on weight loss.

Why I think it's not total BS is that there is scientific proof that sensory input (such as smells) can stimulate or supress hormones, which in turn can have subtle effects on behaviour. Pheromones are a non-food example.

However if there's anything to it, the most logical chain of events is that sniffing certain aromas may help you eat less. Which just takes us back to the real secret of fat burning: lower intake.

It doesn't "burn fat"  But it can be good for you.  Check out some of this info: th-benefits-of-lemon-water-1422542

Lemons, vinegar.... since Victorian times (and possibly earlier) there has been a fond idea that 'acid' breaks down 'fat'.   So people drink vinegar and suck lemons as a result.  It's rubbish, of course, but if you suck lemons you might be put off eating lunch or you might find the chocolate bar you tuck into afterwards tastes disgusting!!!

Interestingly, did you know there's quite a lot of sugar in a lemon?  Masked by the acidic taste, of course, but nevertheless....

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