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How about Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etc. ?

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I eat alot of frozen dinners because they are convenient for me. Lunch for me is Lean Cuisine and a apple or somewhere in that area at least five times a week. Would I be better off preparing my lunch the night before instead. I always hear about avoiding processed foods. I guess I never thought about the L.C. and H.C. since they are supposed to be diet foods so to speak.
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I used to eat LC and Smart One's five days a week as well.  I have modified that once I saw the fat and sodium on some of them  (some of them have half your fat requirements for the day).  Now I try to make my lunch the night before or use leftovers from dinner. 

However I do use them when I am crunched for time and my other option would be to grab take-out.
I'll eat Lean Cuisine's at least 2x a week. I definitely vary my lunch options though to things like sandwiches, salads, soups, and even leftovers from the night before.

I think they have to be better for you than getting takeout from a restaurant or fast-food joint.
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I think they're fine once, maybe twice a week.  But they do have a lot of fat and a ton of sodium, so preparing your lunch the night before would be better.
They are yummy to me, but I have to avoid them because I can eat one and my husband says it gives me terrible garlic/onion breath.  He never says anything otherwise.  It had been a year since I ate one.  I knew I would be home late 2 days ago.  So, I picked up a brickstyle Lean Cuisine pizza.  He was asleep.  I ate it.  Yum!  The next morning he said....whew, someone ate some garlic...haha...he had no idea I had eaten Lean Cuisine and hadn't said that since last year when I ate them.  I don't want to scare people away, so I will avoid them most of the time.
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I don't know if I agree that they are that bad. The ones I've seen have 500-700mg sodium or thereabouts, which out of a daily allowance of 2500-3000mg is really not that bad.

As for fats... I haven't seen those to be unreasonable either. Yes, most if not all have some saturated fats, but there is meat in them.

Lean Cuisine has their spa meals which are made with whole grains, and they also have the ones with twice the veggies. My favorites are the Kashi meals. I think they have more food and they use the Kashi 7-grain pilaf. And they taste really good, to me at least. The pilaf grains are harder, not mushy like white rice or pasta, so you have to like that sort of thing.
Good call, flowerbud, because I was just about to ask what lean cuisines these guys are getting that have half their fat intake for the day in them! I've never seen one with more than 7 or 8 grams of fat in it, at the most, though I somewhat agree that you might want to keep an eye on the sodium.

The kashi dinners do taste quite good (way better than their cereals), and I also really enjoy the Amy's Organic frozen meals (though you still have to pick and choose because organic isn't synonymous with healthy). They're just vegetarian meals with good amounts of fiber and protein, and taste really good. In fact, I'm having the vegetarian lasagna for lunch today - delicious!
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I don't eat a lot of them, but I have become fond of the Michelina's Lifestyle mac and cheese once in a while - 250 calories, a good substitute for those Kraft Dinner cravings.  (I love REAL food most of the time, but sometimes fake cheese gets the best of me!) Nuke some frozen broccoli at the same time and it's a decent meal for about 300 total.
I think too often the people here look down on Lean Cuisine and other meals like South Beach Diet and SmartOnes. While they're not the healthiest thing on the planet, people forget that it's really healthy when compared to eating half a large pepperoni pizza and a bag of Doritos. I used to eat whole frozen pizzas and still eat other stuff. Then I switched to having a frozen Lean Cuisine meal, maybe even two. It definitely helps with portion control and feeling like you had a full meal when you really didn't (at least compared to what you are used to). I stand by those meals and I think they're a great option; eat them for awhile and slowly ween yourself off of them and eat other healthier foods and your own meals you prepare...

I eat Lean Cuisine for lunch too but I only eat them for lunch. I generally make breakfast and dinner. It also depends on how many you are cooking for too.  I only cook for me so I just make enough for that one meal. I don't make enough for left over because I don't always eat the same thing. But I would say watch out for the sodium in them. That's my main concern but I generally eat things low in sodium or with no sodium so eating them everyday for lunch doesn't hurt my sodium count at all. I would say do what works best for yourself and schedule.
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I sometimes eat the lean cuisine "spa" thai chicken (with brown rice and veggies), it's yummy and it says it has no preservatives, and it's pretty good for you, except for being processed. I generally only have it when I can't make something ( when I'm at work and didn't plan ahead)
I have tried to quit eating them only because of the sodium content.  Sometimes I'll bake / grill chicken breasts with nothing added and then for dinner I'll have one with a bit of barbque sauce or something added then for lunch I'll just chop one up and make a sandwich.  If I make a 1 lb pkg I'll have enough for a few days lunch and dinners.  
I have been trying to cut back the number of these I eat -- when I started losing weight - I was eating one for lunch every day - now, I'm eating about 1 a week -- as a backup when I don't pack a lunch - or for a special treat - (tonight I'm having a lc gourmet mushroom pizza
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I eat them every once in a while, I'm not a huge fan of them. My favorite one from Lean Cuisine is the salmon with whole wheat pasta and I love the Healthy choice chicken with's got broccoli and some type of apple's really good. They can be high in sodium but if you balance out the rest of your day then you should be okay :)
I'm rather fond of them, actually. They're quick and convenient, especially when I don't have any lunch meats in the house or just want something different. There's about 1/4 of your daily sodium content in them, depending on what you get, but it's not like I'd have 4 a day anyway. Plus, they're great portion control, and you know exactly what you're getting, rather than having to measure foods if you want to get an accurate estimation.

Not all are good, but the ones I eat are!

Hey I'm new to this site, just joined today. But I thought I'd add my 2 cents here. Actually I love the Lean cuisines and smart ones meals. They help me keep up with portion size and calories a whole lot better. I have one just about every day for lunch and a lot of times for dinner too. I also like eating some of the regular stouffer's frozen dinners, they are not diet, but they are very small portions and not alot of calories, like 300 to 400. Anyways, I have lost 30 lbs so far using these meals so I think they're not that bad. However, I am starting to wean myself off of them just beacause I want to learn how to eat regular food healthier and make better choices, and I actually am starting to acomplish that quite well. I mean let's face it I can't live off just these frozen meals forever or all the time, no one can.
I eat LC's just about everyday for lunch and it has helped me to lose 20lbs.. And it's cheaper than eating out and like pp said its easier for portion control.  I watch when they go on sale at Safeway and stockup.  I work in healthcare, and see so many of my co workers try to lose weight and they can't.  I always tell them eat a LC at lunch, it helps!   

I have gone from 217 to 194 in 3 months. My goal is 185lbs.

I take a bus to work. I stopped driving to the bus stop and now walk 3.5 miles a day on a time table (so I do not miss the bus) and then when the bus gets to it's stop I walk about .5 miles to my office.

I have been eating very healthy, but I have fallen off my diet a few times. This doesn't bother me because I see myself as having made a 'lifestyle change' instead of being on a diet. So if I want a slice of pizza I will have it - I just will have one cheese slice instead of two pepperoni and a coke.

Things have been going well and I'm losing about 2lbs a week +. I am also taking vitamins.

I started buying Healthy Choice for nights when I would otherwise cheat or to make on the weekend when I have been good all week. They have helped me by being more of a 'junk substitute' then being an everyday thing.

Most of the ones I have had have 200 - 300 calories and about 60 fat calories. The sodium is kind of high, but I have tailored the rest of my diet around that.

I have been eating the following:

Breakfast - healthy cereal with 1% milk (Cheerios, Special K, Kashi, etc...) or oatmeal.

Snack - Piece of fruit (usually an orange, apple or pear)

Lunch - One can of Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice Low Sodium, Healthy Choice low sodium Chicken Noodle or Vegie soup.

Snack - Piece of fruit (usually an orange, apple or pear)

When I get on the bus a box of raisins gets me past the food court

Dinner - Usually cereal again sometimes whole wheat pasta with home made sauce or just olive oil and a green vegie.

This has been working well and I am not that hungry. If I get hungry I keep a tub of carotts in the fridge and some small whole wheat pita bread and some hummas. This usually gets me through.

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