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Lean cuisine? Good or Not?

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Are those lean cuisine frozen meals good for you? I eat them at lunch a few times a week. I get plenty of water but don't know if I should be eating them. I just don't know what to eat for lunch when I am at work. I need stuff that's quick and easy! And low carbs and more protein.
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They are kinda high in sodium, being rather processed and all and many don't have adequate protein, only two exchanges.  Have you tried any of the Kashi frozen meals?
I keep some around for when I don't have fresh stuff on hand...but I always try to have a little salad with it and add some extra protien.  They help when you don't have time but sometimes it's a matter of MAKING time maybe on Sunday to grill some chicken breast, shop for turkey and things that you can make quick wraps and sandwiches with all week for work.  The fresher the better for your body.  One of my favorite FAST lunches is a tortilla with hummus and turkey on it, then I throw a couple lettuce leafs or sprouts and a couple cherry tomatoes in a baggie and throw them in when I'm ready to eat.  (doesn't get soggy that way).  The Kashi meals are really good too, but I still add extra protien to them.  I'll make the black bean mango one, split the portion into two, and add some chicken and make a burrito.  YUM.   Good luck!  Cool

i say keep eating them!!! i've lost 20 pounds eating a lean cuisine EVERY DAY at work for lunch since July. Love them. Even the husband loves them now.

if you want to up the health factor, throw a bag of frozen veggies in the freezer area at work and add to the lean cuisine before microwaving.

I eat them at least 4 days a week for my lunch. I have lost 47 pounds so far! By the way in Januray they are coming out with flatbread melts! They look really good! Do what you feel comfortable with, if you like them eat them!
Lean Cuisine Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza.... add fresh basil and chopped Roma tomatoes.... not just good.... GREAT!

But that's just my opinion.  I'm talking taste, not necessarily nutrition.  I haven't gotten focused enough to go all natural, low sodium, etc.

But it keeps me on my diet and keeps my taste buds and tummy happy.  That's enough for me right now.

I also use the trick of adding frozen veggies to some of the frozen meals.  I don't eat them every day but I do fall back on them when I'm in a spot.  I also love, love, love my low fat, low sodium Campbell's Chunky vegetable soup.  That's as easy as pulling the can top off, dumping the soup in a bowl and nuking it for a couple minutes. 

Many times I weigh/measure out portions from dinner, put them in a sealed bowl and they're all ready for my lunch bag in the morning. 

i don't have anything against frozen meals.  if it translates calorically to a lunch for you, then i think it's fine.  but if you need to be eating a 600 calorie lunch, then it's just not going to do the job.  i used to eat stuff like this or other diet-ish meals, but i've learned that my body knows that 270 calories is just not enough to fuel itself.

i try to steer clear of meal-illusions now.  something called grilled salmon w/vegetables doesn't necessarily do the trick; for me, i can only call it a meal if it has enough calories.

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I eat lean cuisines and add frozen veggies to them also.

I also love Kashi meals (but they are more expensive) and I really like the South Beach Diet meals too.  Both of these tend to use whole grains with good amounts of veggies and meat and they are filling.
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Processed foods in general are bad for you. And diet frozen convience foods are loaded with sodium so that they'll taste better. Stick to organics- there's a lot of easy stuff you can come up with.

I eat them, though not as much as I used to and I typically check the ingredients pretty thoroughly for lurking high frutose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, etc and don't find them...yes, sodium and sugar is often high, but I think of them as my "junk food"...and this junk food is WAY better than running down to Mickey D's :D  Someone else mentioned adding a salad, which I often do (with lemon infused olive oil and white balsamic vinegar for the dressing) and I actually LOVE the Kashi meals...great fiber and protein! (though the Kashi pizzas were awful in my humble opinion).  Also- what is it about the Lean Cuisines that keep me full for hours?...

fresh is always better than frozen :)

but i eat frozen entrees quite often too
IMO, ean cuisine's are not the most filling. many of the kashi and SBD ones are more filling
but a lot of the south beach ones also have more calories

so they're not BAD, but they're not great
check out other brands too

i like the lean cuisines. they're very convenient-- im a college student and our meal plan at school is only for monday-friday, so on the weekends, when i don't feel like going out (theres a great diner by my school that has awesome salads, minus the dressing, which i ask them to leave out) i pop a lean cuisin in the microwave. I like the chicken with the peanut sauce one annnd the sesame chicken.  Oh, and the eggroll... good alternatives to the chinese food everyone else orders!

oh, annnd all my friends think im a freak, cause when they order pizza, i heat up one of the lean cuisine pizzas and eat that while they eat the real stuff.... this way, i can smell their tasty pizza while having my own yummy version :)

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