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Thanks to all of you who reccomended Laughing Cow Lite cheese.  I got some yesterday and it's really good, and only 35 calories for one of those nice little wedges. 

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I'm looking for new ways to try it - so far I've just spread it on crackers and lately I've been using on my tortillas either by itself or with turkey and spinach for lunch.  I know of a recipe for making a cheatin' alfredo - I can't wait to try it.
Hi..  Just wondering is it similar to a cream cheese??  I have seen it at the grocery store but was a little expensive, so I decided not to try it.  I am really not crazy about baby-bell so I figured I wouldn't like this either.  Is it a white cheese??

Thanks - Jen 
It's a soft, mild Swiss.  I used it last night with a chicken breast, pounded thin and rolled up with spinach and one wedge of Laughing Cow, held together with a toothpick and browned on all sides in a non stick pan, then added a little broth, covered and let it cook until done.  It was delicious!  This morning I had it on my toast with some fruit spread. 

It's nice that it's all divided up into servings and each serving is only 35 calories.  Yes, it's expensive, but I figure it's no more expensive than chips and all the junk I used to buy.

I get mine at sams club. It comes in a pack of three I think for 6.99. I usually spread mine on an english muffin in the morning. Very yummy!!!!
Am I missing something? The pack I bought were those little cubes, and the serving is for like 5 of 'em for about 35 cals? It was only like $2.  Is there a larger version? I soooo love this cheese!
are you talking about the wedges of cheese that come like 6 or eight in a round container? If so, you can find them in a 3 pack at sams club.
the packing is a circle and there are about 8 wedges in the circle.  I eat mine with carrots, like dip.  I tried it last night with spinach that I stuffed into a chicken breast.  not my favoriate, my boyfriend also was no too crazy about it either.  I think for that I would stick feta or goat cheese.
Mine was square and had these cubes all packed in foil. Suckers are hard to get outta there! Guess that will also curb and indulgence! I'll have to go to another store, mine only had the small ones.
This stuff is great and I really have to thank you guys for turning me on to this stuff! I get mine at costco the lite swiss and the garlic and herb. Both are terriffic

I usually have it on melba toast for a great low cal treat.

So thanks again!

fl - those are the light cheese bites - not the same as the spreadable wedges.
I love this cheese!

I spread mine on sliced chicken or turkey breast, then roll the meat slices.  Some days I even dip it into a cup of Campells Gold Metal Soups (I love the squash one).  Very yummy and satisfying.  Hot and creamy. 
Thanks cheatin! I should probably look in the cheese case, not where the kraft singles and stuff are. Man, there's more than the original flavor? I cannot wait to get to the store now!
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