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Lactose intolerance, ice cream, frozen yogurt?

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OK, so ice cream is my reward food at the end of the day if I am still under my calorie count. But I am developing an increasingly intense lactose intolerance and I think that regular ice cream might be out of the question for now. So is there Lactaid ice cream or otherwise lactose free ice cream?

I do not like soy ice cream, I am sorry. It is not a reward food for me.

Also, my sister, who has had a lactose intolerance longer than I, said that yogurt doesn't trigger a lactose intolerant reaction because the enzymes in yogurt help you digest the lactose. Does anyone know if this is also true of frozen yogurt? Or does the freezing and whatnot kill the enzymes or make them otherwise not beneficial?


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i would possibly try a sorbet instead of icecream, no dairy but still creamy and really delicious. i know that actual yogurt is fine for lactose intolerance but frozan yogurt has few similarities to real yogurt.
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Yes, there is a lactose free ice cream.  Breyer's makes it.  My husband is lactose intolerant and an ice cream fan, so I buy it when I find it.  It is not always stocked in our grocery.  It only comes in vanilla:  All Natural Lactose Free Natural Vanilla Lactose free natural vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean specks. It's actually quite good.
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There's soy ice cream, but the taste and texture were always different to me. Not bad, just different.
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Lactaid brand makes one called scoopfuls and they have a few different flavors too. I can't taste the difference and it's really yummy.

I'm addicted to Arctic Zero. It's only 128 calories for the whole pint, it's all natural, safe for lactose intolerants, fat free, gluten free, and has 16 grams of whey protein in it. There chocolate tastes like a fudge-cicle. It's suppose to be in Whole foods, wild oats, and henry's soon. Or you could always get it through their website or something.

They also have a soft serve yogurt that's similar but even lower calorie in southern california at yogurt shops.

You could also try taking Lactaid before eating the icecream. Thats what I do.

Your comment on yogurt  explains alot. I have never had problems eating yogurt and I wondered why.

Breyers makes a lactose-free vanilla icecream. It's AWESOME! (not that there's anything special about it, it tastes just like regular icecream, but it doesn't upset your tummy because it's made with lactose-free milk.) I just wish they'd introduce a few more flavours besides plain vanilla.

Lactose-free icecream plus lactose-free milk makes a wonderful (if expensive) milkshake treat.

Or else you could invest in a jumbo box of lactaid tablets and try having one or two tablets with each dessert...  

I just found arctic zero at Lassen's stores here in Los Angeles.

If anyone still wants such a thing, a few weeks ago I saw actual Lactaid-brand icecream in the grocery store. I always wondered why they didn't make it when they made egg-nog, cottage cheese etc.

I second the sorbet idea,  it's pretty tasty (but doesnt have that dairy feel).  I'm partial to soymilk, but I've never tried soy ice cream (even thought I've been meaning to).  You could just try the tablets but that seems like a pain.

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i wish they had something like this in Europe. why are we so backwards?

Some brands of frozen yogurt are still made with live, active cultures. I'm only mildly lactose intolerant, but regular ice cream will have me in pain. Yogurt has never bothered me. I'm usually fine with a small serving of Edy's frozen yogurt. I think Stonyfield Farms has also recently started making frozen yogurt, but I haven't tried it and haven't seen it in too many stores. You might have to try a few brands, just look on  the label to make sure they still say "live, active cultures". Good luck!

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