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OK, so I'm having a hard time trying to count the calories in some of my cultural dishes.  Problem is that I don't make them all myself, I tend to eat out at times and am not certain of all the ingredients and how to count it.  For best guess, should I count each ingredient as I know it???  Need some advice.
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Sometimes I google the dishes that I eat and hope that I can find the
nutrition information online...otherwise I do my best to remember what
I ate and list the things, being very generous with calories because
I'm sure there are hidden calories that I just don't notice.  One
thing someone mentioned on this site that was helpful was:  bring
a little of what you were eating back home with you so you don't have
to remember a ton of ingredients, and then guestimate how much you ate
of each.
I felt the same way with Korean dishes. So I just estimate how much I ate ( I know it is a pain in the a**  to estimate what and how much I ate) and try to find similar foods here. For ex, a small bowl of kimchee would be chinese cabbage salad - this should give some ideas as to the calorie intake. Of course since you don't know what types of seasonings are used, it is going to be difficult to estimate sodium/calcium/and other mineral intakes. I am sure we can find Korean websites that may list different Korean dishes and calories in them. I know it is difficult to count calories when 1/2 of my meals are Korean dishes and the other half is typical American dishes.
Hey there...i live in Hawaii...have you ever been here? well we have some REALLY great korean places here...i am not korean...half japanese, but i use to work at a korean bbq place...i use to eat that every night...yummy...anyways i think the hot/spicy things can't be too bad...i have read that spices and chilly pepper is good and helps you loose weight...maybe rice or the meats would be a little fried mandoo... and meat jun since that all cooked in bim bap would be good i think...minus the egg...unless you got just egg whites but that wouldn't be fun...over all i think asian food can't be that bad because there aren't too many over weight asians out there...i know you said you were over weight but you look good in your pics.
Actually, I found a listing on here for kimchee!!!  (it's supermarket brand, but pretty close?!)  Since I know pretty much what goes into most of the korean dishes I eat, I attempt to use the recipe tool that eriq & igor have created and save it to my tag list.  Fairly accurate IF you know the right ingredients.'re right though, always a difference in spices.  If you happen to find a good Korean site with calorie counts, please do SHARE!!  Thanks!!!!
Hello, I found this Korean website that list typical Korean foods and calories, but you need Korean registry ID # to log on.  I used a friend of mine's.   If you can get on, try
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