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What is US known for?

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I received a Christmas package from my close friend in Finland.  She sent me what Finland is best known for--Finnish Chocolate.  Yum Yum! The funny thing is I got it when I was ensembing her package together.  What is something I could send that we are known for that would keep during shipping? She spent some time over here last year and maybe something that they don't have in Finland that she experienced here?
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Besides Fast Food?

How about some good old American Candy? Some Whoppers, Some Mike n Ikes, Some Pop Rocks.
That sorta stuff :)
These things remind me of america



Teddy Graham's

Lucky Charms

Cheese in a can
I think the US, being so large, has more region-specific cuisines than many other countries.  For example, Louisiana is known for Cajun food while Texas is known for meat, etc.  Where I'm from, in the Smoky Mountains, they make saltwater taffy that makes a great gift.  I would consider what region your friend spent time in while she was here, either that or the region that you yourself are in, and send her something specific to there.
oh and jerky! 

A friend of mine in college spent a semester in England, and she repeatedly wrote me longing for certain items because she couldn't find them anywhere in her area.   (I guess it really depends on how much US stuff they import in Finland):

Oreos, Moonpies, Nutter Butters, Froot Loops, Captain Crunch, Subway sandwiches, and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

She tried to get a "sub" sandwich made for her, but they didn't have the correct bread or fixings, and just looked at her as if to say "why in the world would someone want a sandwich made like that?"  The concept of a sandwich being the main part of a meal, and being so large, is a distinctive American thing, I think. (To send one, you'd have to wrap it up good and pack it on dry ice - I've done it before, so it's possible.)

As an American who lives abroad, I would say:

Peanut Butter


Chocolate Chip Cookies


BBQ sauce


Beef Jerkey (IMPOSSIBLE to find good kind over seas!)

Betty Crocker Super Moist cakes!!!

I would hesitate to send American candy, unless you think it measures up to Finnish...

Cajun Hot Sauce...California Pistachios...Kentucky Bourbon Cake...Maryland Crab Cakes...Florida Oranges...Kansas City Beef...Memphis BBQ...Texas Chili...
Who could forget New York cheesecake?
Fast Food, Tobbacco & Obesity.

Sad...but true...

Got to be ....

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Whether you make the original tollhouse recipe or go with an online gourmet (Christies cookies rock).  American invented chocolate chip cookies!
Oh and Tobasco Sauce!
BBQ sauce or BBQ spices (memphis style dry rub)  would be a good easy thing to ship. or maybe some jellies or jams that are difficult to find over there. Chili is also a distinctly American food, and cans would be easy to ship. Even though we scoff at them, I imagine some cookies like "Chips Ahoy" or something would also go over quite well.

Oh and Jell-O.

(I am originally from Utah, so how could I forget Jell-O!)

Buffalo Wings.

Though they may not travel well. :( 

Omaha Steaks package and send, as do a lot of other specialty food vendors...You can get vacuum sealed ribs and or sauce, Cajun Fried Turkey, Florida oranges (cough cough) along with many, many other goodies. we're not known only for tabacco, obesity & food....many countries smoke as much as we do, some more, and very few cultures don't have a strict love of their own food...yeesh....
then why is or was our number 1 cause of death caused by tobbaco smoking etc...and number 2 is obesity?
We lived overseas for years and when my kids came here on holiday they thought the Reese's Peanut Butter cups were good. Or Reese's Pieces are good too. The chocalate/peanut butter thing seems to be an American phenom, maybe?

I didn't realise Finland was known for their chocolate. Almost any chocolate beats Hersheys (tastes a bit like wax to me)...

BTW the jerky in Australia was more than acceptable :)

One thing I couldn't find there tho was Karo's Corn Syrup! Used in making pecan pies :P
I can't believe no one has suggested APPLE PIE yet!
hee hee
Yes, I would agree the US is too large and too diverse to really have a national cuisine or dish. It really does depend on region. For instance, New York City is known for their cheese cakes and knishes, whereas Chicago is known for Chicago style pizza and Italian beef. Milwaulkee is well known for its sausages and cheeses, while Iowa has a local specialty known as sponge candy (it's chocolate covered and the inside is a hard but honeycombed sugar material).
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