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this is kind of an odd question, sauce?

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is hot sauce very bad for you? i can't seem to find much nutritional information about it. i know it doesn't have very many calories, and that spicy things/things with a lot of flavor help you to feel fuller, faster (or at the very least more satisfied). so those things are definitely good. i guess my major concern is that i douse EVERYTHING i eat in tons of it. i go through a small bottle a week. obviously most everything is ok in moderation, but i'm clearly not moderating my hot sauce. is this going to have any MAJOR ramifications (not just on my weight loss, but on my health in general) or am i probably ok and just overreacting?

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I to love hot sauce and salsa. I think the Major issue would be the high sodium and possibly sugar. Since sodium can cuase you to retain water that would be the only thing. But honestly I don't know that is just my guess!!

Since hot sauce is (as far as I know) mainly vinegar, it shouldn't be detrimental to your diet or health, although sodium might be a problem.  You might want to check the label to be sure.

Get plain red pepper tabasco sauce. It has such a bold flavor and kick to it that you can really only use a tablespoon or two MAX, and it only has 30 mg of sodium per teaspoon. That is absolutely nothing compared to traditional hot sauces. 

I would agree with the other posters that generally the worst thing about it is the sodium.  Additionally, be careful of wing sauce because that actually sometimes has a lot of fat in it because its made with oil and butter sometimes.  just check the labels and watch the sodium.

May 05 2008 21:05
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I had Chohula hot sauce for lunch today.  85 mg sodium per teaspoon serving, 3% of the RDA. 

yeah sodium is the only concern I can think of

if your worried about it it's easy to make your own hot sauce, just puree some tomatoes and hot peppers, jalepenos or habeneros(if you like it really hot) until they're a liquidy consistency, leave the seeds in the peppers and add more or less to make it more or less spicy to taste :)

Hot Sauce is very good for your health. Including lowering chlosterol, lowering blood pressure and best yet, boosting your metabolism!

Check out these links. ml

If you really want to cut the sodium but love the heat, a very simple and cheap alternative is to just cook with or add cayenne pepper. It has incredible heat and flavor, no sodium and absolutely miniscule calories.

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