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Kashi GoLean Cereals

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Alright, not a fan of these kinds of products, just because I think they are nothing but a processed marketing gimmick.... but have never tried them. Tonight at the store I picked up a few individual containers of them that were on sale... Next week I am back on the flight schedule and need portable foods, with my blood sugar issues at time it seems like a decent balance... Any likes or dislikes?? Thanks in advance.

- Frank

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I like the kashi honey sunshine cereal, it's really good with vanilla Greek yogurt. I did hear that the kashi cereals with the dried berries have as much sugar per serving as the junk cereals. Just a heads up!
I love kashi's cereals! I don't have cereal every day but every once in a while works great for me. And they're super high in fiber, which I love!
I used to love Kashi Go Lean Crunch... But notices I would feel nauseous mid morning. Now I avoid foods with soy protein isolates. This cereal is not a good choice

Flying and nausea.... not a good mix... I noticed any kind of protein powder does that to me so I stay clear.. Now that you say it, a few hours after eating Clif Bars I get a nauseous feeling a few hours after.... Perhaps it is a common side effect?? Never thought much into it.. Thanks for the replies!

I wouldn't recommend eating these cereals every morning for breakfast(as too much cereal makes me bloated and doesn't keep me satisfied for long), but having a bowl of kashi cereal once or twice a week is pretty conveniant for me when I'm in a rush. I like the autumn shredded wheat and honey sunshine cereal the best :D

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They have a cereal called GoLean Crisp, and its sort of like crumbled granola.  Every morning, I take some vanilla yogurt, add some strawberries/blueberries, and top it with some GoLean Crisp granola on top.  Everyone in my family is always asking me to make "that yogurt parfait that is so awesome"

Perhaps the only cereal I would eat and still feel so virtuous afterwards! High in protein and fiber and low in sugar - nothing to hate about it other than it being a form of processed food... but I could think of worse processed foods out there. :)

So in short - I love it!

Too high in carbohyrdates. Even with the fiber, still too much. I prefer egg with a slice of ham and 1/4 cup of edamame or yogurt. 

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