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Kashi fans, keeping secrets

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Influenced by the 'buzz' here, ventured into the cereal aisle looking for Kashi.  Wait, what? All these versions - I just want Kashi cereal - do we have to complicate this?   

Will eat solo as a snack and not with milk, so I skipped the oatmeal which left a wall of Kashis.

Recognized GoLean from this forum and went with regular but curious about the other different Kashi cereals - which have you tried and what did you think - taste and/or healthiness?
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I eat the new kashi bars instead of the cereal now...for breakfast. They were on sale for .89 but back up to 1.09....they have way less calories than luna bars, or even myoplex bars. They do seem a bit sweet to me, but the caloric intake is less than other bars. I know it would be best though if I had some egg whites instead. Time thing. ah well.

LOVE EVERYTHING KASHI!!!!! my faves are the Go lean crunch, sweet and crunchy and really fills you up, and the oatmeal. Love the cookies, crackers, and granola bars for snacks. But the best, by far are the frozen meals/pizza. The frozen meals have more food than lean cuisine or WW smart ones, they taste better, and they fill you up more than those others! every time i make one at work everyone always asks me what i'm eating cause it smells so good. 

And everything tastes so fresh and yummy!! I buy so much Kashi stuff, I should be a share holder by now, lol :-)

Best advice, try it all and find your faves! Enjoy!

Original Post by sun123:

My GoLean box was $2.84 for 14oz box Walmart. 

Wondering if thats average because I will do Krogers specials....

On sale, I can usually get Kashi at $2.50 a box. Other cereals like raisin (hi)bran or the cascadian organic cereals I can get for $2.00. My grocery chain store of choice is Cubs or Krogers.

I love the GoLean Crunch variety, great way to get fiber + protein
I live in Canada and Kashi products are REALLY expensive here... Like $5 for a small box. I get the 7 grain puffs occasionally though.

I haven't tried a lot of the Kashi products, but what I have, I love!  I like that I can actually pronouce the ingredients in everything that they offer, and the nutritional stats are amazing!  I generally start my morning with 1/4 cup GoLean Crunch (the original) cereal over my yogurt.  The Crunch is too hard for me to eat as-is, so I have to mix it with something to soften it up just a little bit.  I also sprinkle either the Nuggets or Puffs on top of salads and casseroles from time to time for a bit of a different texture.

If you visit their website, they provide all sorts of different recipes that can be made with their products.  They have some delicious snacks and desserts that are all low-fat, low-cal, and relatively easy to make.  It allows you to mix things up a bit if you get tired of eating the same ol' things all the time. 

Something that really suprised me was when I transferred the GoLean to a container, as I finished it was missing the usual powder at the bottom of the bag in other cereal.
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