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Kashi fans, keeping secrets

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Influenced by the 'buzz' here, ventured into the cereal aisle looking for Kashi.  Wait, what? All these versions - I just want Kashi cereal - do we have to complicate this?   

Will eat solo as a snack and not with milk, so I skipped the oatmeal which left a wall of Kashis.

Recognized GoLean from this forum and went with regular but curious about the other different Kashi cereals - which have you tried and what did you think - taste and/or healthiness?
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i just recently tried Kashi Strawberry Fields, and woah.  it's reeeeaaalll good.  and it's only 60 cal for 1/2 a cup!  same stats as FIber One, except without as much fiber, which is a bummer, but still exceptionally delicious for exceptionally low in calories
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Oh my oh my! I LOVE KASHI to death. It's so delicious and natural. The kashi puffs are very low in calories, but they don't fill you up and their taste is a bit light. And regular kind's taste is also a bit too 'natural' for me, so go with the honey and other flavors. (P.S. the TLC are to die for. All flavors. I can't buy them anymore though because I always binge on them and eat the whole box. Dx)
I eat Heart to Heart every morning with a banana.  It tastes a lot like Cheerios, but slightly sweet.
I eat their waffles and their awesome. I also tried baking their GO LEAN crunch cereal in the oven since its all oats and nuts, very tasty snack i bring to work.


Strawberry Fields and Go Lean Crunch Vanilla Almond Flax are my two favorites.  The Go Lean Crunch keeps me full for longer, though.  I just tried Kashi Vive, and I had mixed feelings about it.  There's a faint taste of graham crackers, which I love, but other than that it's a little bland.  The thing I really like about it is that a serving (1 1/4 cups) really fills up a cereal bowl, so you feel like you're eating more.  

I have tried the Kashi pizza.  I had the Five Cheese Tomato one.  It was alright, but it's hard because there are "three servings" and they're pretty small.  It seemed like the calories were pretty close to other thin crust frozen pizzas. 

Strawberry Fields is the best. Oh and the chocolate delight is good to have on hand when you get a chocolate craving.
Original Post by bee_roach:

I just saw that Kashi has frozen pizzas now (Five Cheese Tomato, Mediterranean, and Roasted Garlic Chicken). Has anyone tried them?

The roasted garlic chicken pizza is awesome!  But keep in mind that a "serving" is just 1/3 of the pizza (although, if you had more, there are worse things to binge on) - with a salad, a great meal.

As for the cereals - I've had the GoLean truly vanilla and honey & cinnamon hot cereals.  I prefer the truly vanilla - prepared with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1 packet of equal, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and a couple of spoonfuls of canned pumpkin.  I think I'm actually addicted to this for breakfast now.  Smile

The original GoLean cereal is amazing nutritionally, and the Crunch is nice if you have granola cravings - you can just toss in some raisins or nuts.
I eat Kashi when it goes on sale at the store. Normally, I put it over a bit of yogurt or kefir for breakfast. Sometimes I also sprinkle it over my fruit "dessert" in the evenings.
Honestly, Kashi GoLean is hard for me to choke down.  I LOVE Heart to Heart, but there's not as much fiber in it.  FiberOne Honey Clusters is much tastier to me, but others swear good ol' GoLean!  I haven't tried the pizzas - I was going to buy one, but I know I would eat the whole pizza at once for 900 calories!  (LOL)  The Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax granola bar is also delicious.  I have also noticed that there are lots of Kashi products - good for them!  It's nice to have good choices in mainstream groceries.
GoLean Crunch is my favourite.  yummy, plus i'm a slow eater, and it doesn't go soggy.
GoLean grows on you over time, and its stats are amazing. Crunch tastes a bit like peanut butter brittle, but it's higher calorie and easier to eat a lot more of. Heart to Heart is okay, but it tastes horrible if you don't eat it within a week or two. The pizzas were just okay- not really any different than other frozen pizzas, and relatively tasteless. I love the Sweet N Sour Chicken (Frozen meal), and the Southwest Chicken is also pretty good.

Uhh... That's all I've tried.
Heart  to Heart is my Kashi vote. I lived off it all last year and into the summer... in a too much cereal in my diet sort of bad way. :) Delicious!!
 Crunch tastes a bit like peanut butter brittle, but it's higher calorie and easier to eat a lot more of.

Boy does that sound like me so since I have started with GoLean, probably best sticking with it and not knowing what Im missing as I used to be a cereal junkie.  These comments will come in handy if I burn out on it though.

I often eat half a cup of go-lean stirred in with a carton of Low fat Sugar free yogurt.  For about 190 calories I am full and stay full for a while.

My freind swears by the kashi bars though I am a Luna/Clif fan myself I will probably try them someday.


Way back, yoplait had "Breakfast Yogurt" which had wheat puffs in it.  I really liked how you felt like you were eating something - actually chewing and bulkier.  I was sad to see it go. 

I dont eat yogurt but could use the dairy.  Just have had a problem with the caloric count since its not at all filling to me but 1/2 cup of GoLean would add much bulk for the added calorie. 
I love mixing Heart to Heart and GoLean Crunch cereals for breakfast -- the variety of flavor/texture in one bowl makes me happy and full.
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I love love LOVE the Kashi Go lean Crunch.  That stuff is so expensive!  I have to wait until it's on sale AND have a coupon!
My GoLean box was $2.84 for 14oz box Walmart. 

Wondering if thats average because I will do Krogers specials, especially non produce you can stock up on.  Often on special, items still cost the same as Kroger.

Funny before CC I was so could care less about healthy and couldnt imagine spending more for products like Kashi, surprised that it had enough of a market to be successful.  BEFORE I came here LOL.
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