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Joose?...calories in alcoholic drink?

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has any one ever heard of Joose -premium malt beverage.  its like an energy drink with alcohol in it,   but i cant find the caloies for it any where.

all i know it is it says  9.9% alc/vol  in a 23.5 oz can

can some one help me figure out the calories? i think it could be like the calories in a red bull plus some alcohol...

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I don't know the calories in it but I'm sure it can't be great. It's probably around 200 calories I would guess. I had a few cans of Joose a few weeks ago and it took me awhile to get use to the taste but I had a great time afterwards lol

Im sorry i'm really no help at all.

Well, it's got about twice the alcohol of a regular beer and twice the volume.  So, figuring a regular beer at 150 cals and a N/A beer at 60 you can assume that there are about 90 alcohol calories in a regular beer.  So, 90 x 4 gives you 360 calories of just alcohol in a Joose.  Now if it's sweetened as well you would have more cals.  If it's as sweet as a soft drink there could be as many as 650 or so cals in a single can.  If it's artificially sweetened or unsweetened then use the 360 number. 



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The calories for Joose is really around 500 calories.  Like trhawley mentioned, Joose can is about double the size of a 12 oz. bottle of beer.  You can find all of the calories for all of the Joose flavor here:


Malt Liquor Energy Drink (Joose) Serving Size: 22 oz, Calories: 380, Fat: 1g, Carbs: 33g, Protein: 0g

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