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JellO pudding with water ?

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Can I prepare JellO fat free-sugar free with water instead of milk?
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Why don't you try it and find out? The worst that happens is that you waste a $2 packet of processed food.
I don't want waste it :))) I will feel bad.. If someone could advise me instead, that would be great.
I have never hard of it, and I would imagine it would not thicken in the fridge as well (if at all).
If you are trying to cut calories I would MAYBE try a 75/25 ratio of milk to water.
I honestly don't think the taste (or lack of) or consistency would be worth the few calories you might spare :)

IF you try it.....I would be interested in hearing how it turns out though!
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try using almond milk.. its super delicious and only has 40 cal per cup.. also they have an awesome unsweetend chocolate one add a packet of splenda and mmmmm soo good just like chocolate milk but with less calories :)
comes out fine to me. It doesnt thicken, however if you want it to retain a somewhat think texture, dont use as much water as you would milk, use less, i cant tell u exactly how much, but anywhere from half to 75% the amount of milk that you would use. In all honesty, the only change is its consistency, it tastes the same w/wo milk, at least to me.
I did that once when I was a kid and it stayed watery in the fridge.
ya... it won't work... it needs the fat and other ingredients to set. sorry!
Doesn't work.
Unless you're allergic to milk or vegan, why not use milk? It's a whole food and it's a good source of protein! I wouldn't scrimp on calories just for milk!
It won't work with soy milk either.  I tried twice.
Hmm if you want water, why  not use skim milk? Fat free and lower in calories. People like to say its like white water. Ew, but i love it.
My mom uses fat free evaporated milk in place of regular milk in recipes and puddings and stuff. they taste about the same she says.

If it's the Cook & Serve, and not the instant, yes, you can.  But it's not very good.  I first learned about this at Weight Watcher's about 8 years ago.

thanks clairelane. yes, it is the cook and serve. I didn't want add extra cals by using milk. Just wanted to prepare a quick snack that is low in cals. since you think it will be ok, I will go ahead and do it.
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Another way to use it is to mix it with a diet soda and make popsicles.  Using root beer with vanilla pudding makes ones that taste like root beer floats :-)

The gelatin is what makes it thicken up. Not the fat from milk. I've made it with unsweetened almond milk and it turns out just fine
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