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Instant Ramen Noodles

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So I've just eaten an entire pack of instant ramen noodle soup - the kind where the noodles come in a block, and you add a packet of flavour powder to the soup. This was an organic, health food store version but looked identical in size to a Top Ramen packet.

The dry weight of the whole package was 88g, but the calories on the package gave info per 100g as prepared (with water): 67 calories per 100g PREPARED soup.

For some reason I'm having the hardest time figuring out how many calories I've just eaten!!! Help?

Thanks so much in advance :)

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Take how much water you added and convert from cups to mL (1 cup is 236.6 mL).  Conveniently, 1 mL of water weighs 1 g.  Add the weight of the water to the 88g of noodles/spices.  Divide by 100 (to get how many servings you ate).  Multiply by 67 for the calories you consumed.

If I recall correctly, you typically use about 2 cups (or about 500 mL) of water to make one of those soups.  So, about 500 g of water plus the 88 g powder gives you 588 g soup - or 5.88 servings (yeah, right!  Undecided).  That gives about 393 calories for the whole pack - which sounds about right; I think regular Ramen's in the 390 cals/pack range too.

Somewhere on the Nutritional Information column should be the servings per container.  Then just multiply that number by the calories in one serving.

Original Post by lynnlette:

Somewhere on the Nutritional Information column should be the servings per container.  Then just multiply that number by the calories in one serving.

That only seems to be true with American packaging.  Frown

I know nutritional labels were a nightmare in France.  The Japanese noodles I buy only list content per 100g.  And I had some German cookies that gave calories per 100g and didn't even tell me how much the package weighed!!!

wow, thanks so much everyone for responding  - really helpful. I think I finally understand....very complicated though!


Megsambit, I agree - sometimes it's extremely frustrating how calorie content is labeled here in England. They give calories (actually kCall) per 100g but you have to do some detective work to figure out how many servings are in the package....often it's totally not obvious. I'm American but have been living here in the UK for a few years, and the convenient serving-size food labeling in America is one of the little everyday details that I miss about home!  Oh well :)

And remember, 100g isn't necessarily a serving. The nutritional info is listed per 100 grams so that you can compare from food to food and so that the math isn't too difficult when calculating the serving numbers.

Imagne you look at ramen's 100g details and compare it to tofu's 100 g details and decide which one is better for you.

Or you can say "I put 220 ml/grams of water in this, plus the 88g of noodles = 308 g was my serving. So multiply the 100g details by 3 to see what I just consumed."

it depends how much water you used i think. if you use the amount the package says, then it'll be 67 cals per 100 gram. if you used less or more, the calories would change per 100 grams.

its really shouldn't matter how much water u use... it wont change the calorie content but it may confuse u... for example, 56 grams is usually a serving of pasta from a box and is aprrox. 200 calories... 88 grams is about 1 1/2 times so about 300 calories plus seasoning and the preservatives in the thing prolly makes it around 350ish. if u ever made normal pasta, it weighs more after cooking it because it has retained water... as long as u follow the serving size the calories wont change because of water.

that doesn't answer ur question tho... its too bad they didn't give u the calories of it dry... cuz then u'd be all set.

Thanks again for all the help with this. I think the key in calculating calories was that they recommended adding two cups (=473.2g) of water in preparing the soup, and the calorie info provided on the label was for 100g prepared soup. So - 473.2g + 88g dry weight  = 561.2g consumed. Then I multiplied 67 by 5.612 to get a total of 376 calories consumed...whew!

(I actually drained the water after making the soup (so what I was eating was just flavored noodles) - but the total calories would still be the same.)

So I guess  the number of calories in the prepared product is based on many grams of water they recommend adding. That's a  lot of calculation for a bowl of instant soup (which for the record was not great ;)


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