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Instant Oatmeal vs. Regular Oatmeal?

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Whats the difference? Why do people keep saying I should eat regular over instant?

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If you look at the two products the instant is made up of fine, white, powdery flakes and you just add boiling water to give you a smooth porridge.  Regular oatmeal or 'whole rolled oats' are in much bigger pieces, require longer cooking and the end result is less uniform.  They are wholefood and therefore&nb sp;give your digestion more to work with.   Result.... a bowl of regular oatmeal is nutritionally superior and should keep you feeling satisfied for longer than instant. 

It's the same as white bread and wholemeal.  White flour has the wheatgerm and fibre removed.  Wholemeal is a less refined product with all of those still present.... so generally accepted as a better choice.

it's also less...industrial.  instant has added sugar/salt/chemicals (even if you get the plain kind), but regular has none of them.  you add what you want.  i find it's better to eat regular.  less like baby food.

Buttt the kind I eat is Weight Control Quaker Oats, and it provides two servings of whole grains per bag, only one gram of sugar, and seven grams protein. Still bad?

No food is 'bad'....    But next time you're in the supermarket, compare the price of your instant oats with a generic packet of 'whole rolled oats'.  And then compare the ingredients list...

1. Generic rolled oats -  OATS


In general, the foods with the fewest ingredients are the best ones.  Regular oatmeal contains plenty of protein per 100g and is 100% wholegrain.  All you gain really is a few minutes cooking time saved.

yeah, for me it's about knowing what i'm eating, as much as i can.  i DO eat prepared foods, btu i try to avoid them as much as i can.  for teh same amount of calories as one packet of the weight control stuff, you can have double that in regular oats.  if you add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon is does all like, 15 cals to that, but it's mroe food, more filling, which means less likely to eat mroe later.

I just started eating steel-cut oats...they're delicious! I put them in a thermos with 4x as much boiling water as oats, let it sit overnight, and simmer it on the stove in the morning. The easiest way to prepare them is to put them in a large bowl with 4x as much water, set them in a slow cooker, add water outside of the bowl to about 1/2 inch below the rim of the bowl, and set it to low overnight.

Steel-cut oats take the most work for your body to digest (like gi jane said), followed by rolled oats, followed by quick-cooking, followed by instant oats (which are shredded and pre-cooked).

i eat the quaker weight control oatmeal every morning for breakfast. It may have more additives, but i like it because it is low sugar and it keeps me full for a few hours

Original Post by jenny8484:

i eat the quaker weight control oatmeal every morning for breakfast. It may have more additives, but i like it because it is low sugar and it keeps me full for a few hours

 Just an FYI, in case you didn't know...the quaker lower sugar oatmeal has 30 fewer calories than the weight control, and it's freaking delicious.

But does it have the extra protein?  They put soy (I think) into the Weight Control oatmeal which, IMO, makes it taste funny and have a nasty aftertaste - but for those who like the taste and don't notice the aftertaste, it ups the protein levels (which seems more important to me than shaving off a couple of calories).  Me, I prefer plain oats.  You can make them just as fast in the microwave - 1/3 cup oats + 3/4 cup water + HIGH for 90 seconds = "instant" oatmeal with no additives.  Then I add my own additives - blueberries or brown sugar or honey or whatever else I happen to be in the mood for.

I agree.  I made the mistake of not reading the label and buying the weight control because of the name.  Then I read the calorie amount to log into the food log and was shocked I was getting more calories then the regular so I finished them by the way they tasted horrible.  But I can't see wasting the money so I ate them.  Next time I looked at the low sugar saw less calories and actually like the taste. 

Well everyones tastes are different. Personally I like Weight control ones. I mix one packet with 1 serving of reqular quick cooking ones that I buy in big jars. Just the right ammount of sweetness. For more organic/natural flavored oatmeal I like Naturevalley ones.

I like the steel cut oats, but alas do not have time in the morning to cook them. I tried cooking them in the evening, but by morning once it is cooled it is this brick. Great for making sandwiches using bagels (specially if you mix in some cheese while cooking it), but not for eating with the spoon. As for microwave method of cooking oats, I do not like the consistency.


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I like the steel cut oats, but alas do not have time in the morning to cook them. I tried cooking them in the evening, but by morning once it is cooled it is this brick.UD

 Try pre-cooking them and soaking overnight like I posted about, their consistency is very close to regular oatmeal with this method.

I usually get the Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain. It has the convenience of the instant (I like to take it to work and make it in the microwave) but it's made with all natural ingredients. I like the apple cinnamon. 150 cals for a packet, and it fills me up. Here's the link for the nutritional info.... eHarvest/product.cfm?productid=66

I agree with UD - I like the weight control oatmeal, add 1/4 cup of plain quick oats, also add 1 scoop (2 tablespoons) of ground cold milled golden flax seeds and 1/4 cup of raisins.  Makes a big bowl of breakfast for 453 calories, and I generally eat around 2,000 per day to stay within the appropriate calorie deficit.


Instant one had LOTS of sugars in them! No kidding. I bought Quaker oatmeal- instant kind- once and freakingsly sweet. I try to sive - sry bout the spelling- it, and the amount of sugar shocks my brain out. You should try to separate the sugar and the oats. It was kinda fun. Making a mess at the sink. All full of evil white sugar..

You can cook steel cut oats in a rice cooker and refrigerate them.  Reheat a serving in the morning in the microwave for 45 seconds, toss in a dash of milk and some frozen berries and you're set.

You can cook regular ("old fashioned") oats in the microwave in about 2 minutes. I think a lot of people don't realize how easy it is.

My morning ritual: in a tall sided bowl, 1/2 cup of oats, cup of water, a few raisins, cinamon and ginger, pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes: hot, wholesome, natural breakfast!

I eat the regular oatmeal.  I cook an amount that lasts for three days  - not that its takes 5 minutes on the stove.  Although I appreciate the nutritional value of regular oatmeal - I eat it because I think it tastes better.  Also - the key is to cook it on the stove vs microwave.  Microwave = mush whereas cooked on the stove it retains its texture. 

As has been said you can microwave normal oats. It takes a little bit of fiddling and experimentation to get the consistency you prefer but it completely doable. That, or lonczakm and smwhipple's suggestions of precooking and reheating are also very much viable.

Cmhodge: Tried nutmeg in there too? The cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg combo makes it taste like gingerbread. @_@

i like the weight control oatmeal because it has a good protein and fiber content, which i think helps in making you feel full.

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