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I'm craving salt. What does this mean?

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I've been craving salty snacks really bad the past few days. Does this mean I have a deficiency in something? I'm trying to find info online but nothing is really helpful. Could this be normal with PMS? I'm trying to reduce my salt intake. I used to put salt on everything and now I'm trying not to use table salt at all. I still sometimes eat a lot of sodium rich foods so I don't think this would mean that I have a sodium deficiency. And it's not like I have all of a sudden started eliminating salt either. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know what I can do to maybe help this so I don't cave in and eat salty stuff like it's going out of style ya know! lol 

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In a Wellness newsletter from work, there was a picture with the following info:

If you suffer from PMS, have more zinc by eating red meats, seafood, leafy veggies, root veggies.

If you crave salty foods, eat raw goat milk, unrefined sea salt or fish


no clue if it'll help <_<

Original Post by nebichan:


If you crave salty foods, eat raw goat milk, unrefined sea salt or fish


Hmmm, interesting...I love salty stuff and just bought a carton goat milk on a whim...haven't tried it yet but I will see if I like it!


Maybe the salt craving is truly a craving for more protein?? 

Keeping sodium levels low is recommended for the general population because hypertension (high blood pressure) is more prevalent than hypotension (low blood pressure). For those who have chronically low blood pressure, it is actually recommended to have a higher sodium intake. I am one of those people, and I find that keeping my sodium levels higher than average is one (of several) things I can do to avoid feeling lightheaded.

Low blood pressure usually goes hand in hand with some other underlying condition, so don't be tempted to self diagnose. In my case I have cardiac problems that are probably the root cause of the problem.

If you haven't had a physical recently, go see your doctor and have your blood pressure checked. Your body might be craving something it needs. When we are trying to lose weight we tend to interpret cravings as something to be suppressed, but sometimes cravings indicate deficiencies in essential nutrients and should be paid attention to.


Sodium has never been officially linked to hypertension.

You could just be craving salty snacks because you cut back on it and so your body isn't used to the reduction in salt.

maybe lack of water? i know i love salt but avoid pouring it on my food by using soy sauce. not sure the actual cause. sometimes people crave things

I think it means that maybe you're just the kind of person who likes salty food? :)

I think every one is built differently. Well, I crave for fried food (or high-fat) most of the time... so I do eat them every day or else I won't feel satisfied at all.

Thank you all for your responses! I know I'm not dehydrated because I try to get about 128 ounces of water in while I'm at work. I just thought it was odd that I was craving it really bad lately. I think a lot of it has to do with getting ready to start my period. I don't usually have salt cravings though, mostly chocolate. lol... I'm going to give it a week and see if they go away. If not I do like the idea of getting a complete physical and go from there.

Thanks again!

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