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I'm addicted to Doritos!!!

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My diet has been wonderful for the past 2 weeks..................with one exception!!! When there's Doritos around (which in my parents house is almost always!!) I just go for them without thinking. Any alternatives for Doritos or tips on how to just say no. 100 calorie packs will not work I will probably end up eating a few of those. Any other healthy cheese crunchy snacks??
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Is it the cheese or the crunch that you crave?

I have a weekness for cheese and really in small portions its good for you and fills you up quickly. I take cheddar cheese and cut small portions and stick it in baggies so that its easy access when I feel I need my cheese fix.

Crunchy I have been eating pretzels for that satisfaction sometimes a littel bag of pretzels with my little bag of cheese slices. It does the trick many of times when im craving something really junky to eat.
Reduced fat cheeze-its are good.  They have slightly less calories than the original, but since they are smaller you get a lot more of them per serving than with Doritos.
why dont you buy the little baked dorito baggies; not the 100 calorie packs but the small bags that cost 99 cents at the store
the addiction actually comes from MSG or monosodium glutamate... it is an indredient in many different foods such as Doritos, gardettos, and many different chips, popcorns, etc. that is actually been proven to be addicting.... cut out foods that have monosodium glutamate and look for products without it as a substitute
I never even thought about this!! Some of the symptoms related to consuming foods with MSG are similar to what I feel. Great information thank you!
I used to be addicted to Doritos BIG TIME! I've only found a few reasonable substitutes... and I've tried everything!

* Riceworks brown rice crisps in Sweet Chili flavour ( html)

* Quaker rice and corn chips in Nacho Cheese (I can't remember the exact name but they're found near the rice cakes in a grocery store!)

* BAKED Doritos in Nacho cheese (I think they come in Cool Ranch in the US too)

Good luck! btw, after a while, I began to crave them less and less.  Now I could give or take (unless there's a bowl right in front of me!) Out of sight, out of mind!
I like white cheddar flavour rice cakes....chips are my weakness too >_<
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