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Ideas for leftover bagels

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Hi, I have a funny problem - I work at a breakfast/bagel restaurant and everyday I get sent home with bagels upon bagels - 10 or 20 or so. I live in a household of 3 and these bagels are HUGE - I mean, about 2 or 3 times the size of a dunkin donuts, einsten's, finagle a bagel, or whatever chain restaurant bagel (not that those are small). Who could eat so much? certainly not us! I get sent home with whatever's left over and it's almost never whole wheat so now I'm left with an excess of blueberry, cinnamon raisin, egg, and everything bagels. What can I do with them?? Does anyone have a recipe for bread pudding?? or anything similar that I can do with all of this BREAD. I'm watching my calories but a treat wouldn't be so bad. I give them to friends all the time and I tried to take them to the foodbank but they wouldn't take them - now my freezer is just OVERFLOWING with bagels - help??

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Make bagel chips or bread crumbs with them.

Is there a school lunch program nearby or a homeless shelter?  they would take them

How do you make bagel chips? And I will do some more research on a charitable organization that will take them - us workers take home what we'd like at the end of the day and the rest get thrown away (we make them fresh at the beginning of the day) and it just feels very wasteful.

I vote that you give them all to me...









try freezing them so they'll last longer (although that may not be a concern for you).

also if you slice them horizontally you could probably make some french toast.

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try freezing them so they'll last longer (although that may not be a concern for you).

also if you slice them horizontally you could probably make some french toast.

Have you actually read the original post in it's entirety?


Make new friends?

Do you have any colleges in your town, I'd bet that some of the dorms or student groups would be delighted to have donations and they're not a group that would probably have the extra cash to buy them.

Don't take them home? You said you guys take what you want home... so just stop taking them. 

I know...but they get thrown out if I don't take them home, plus I get kind of pressured when my boss makes a bag for me and is just like, "Here Lea, for you". I don't like to throw out perfectly good food - I'd much prefer to DO something with them. 

I'm definitely looking up some kind of charitable organization that will take them - plus I'm making a habit of bringing bagels whenever I go to a party or anyone's house or anything. There are no colleges near me really, but I am taking a class at community college over the summer and i figure maybe I'll bring a few bagels in (I go right from work to class) to offer them to the class - I pack a lunch but everyone buys from the vending machines - I think they'd like a fresh bagel at least as much as they like fritos and cheetos (oh man you should see the looks I get when I pull out my tupperware salad)

I like the bagel chip recipe - I might make them tomorrow for my whole family to snack on - I think an everything bagel would be really tasty! And I buy organic olive oil spray so I think if I just sprayed it it would work :) I also might make some bagel chips for my boyfriend's family.

Also - blueberry bagel french toast? sounds yummy!

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Cut the bagels in cubes, total of 4 cups, add 1 cup applesauce, beat half a cup egg beaters with 2 cups skim milk, 1/3 cup of sugar (or use splenda instead) 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon and half a tsp of nutmeg. Pour over the bread and leave standing for 10 minutes. Preheat the oven to 350F, bake pudding about 50 minutes.
Using the bagels, applesauce, milk and egg beaters amounts as a base, you can always make variations, make it savory by using cheese and spices/herbs, or add raisins, apples, banana etc.




mmmm that sounds super tasty!! I think I'm going to make that tonight :)

Maybe I'll mix a cinnamon raisin and a blueberry bagel!

pizza bagels!!!!!!

I used to work at a bakery that made bagels and would do some craftey things with them...

I would cut the bagels (whole) into wedges and toast them and serve them with hummus...delish

If you hollow out the insides, you remove alot of the dense calories, and its great for stuffing! Like put in tunafish or sprouts and veggies and stuff, or eggs in the AM

Cinnamon raisin bagels were great if you sliced them a bunch horizontally and toasted them until crispy...then put a thin shmear of peanut butter on them...add cinnamon sugar with dessert

I also made croutons for salad, just dice, spritz with olive oil and bake...very good with everything bagels. You can make stuffing with bagels too...who doesnt like stuffing?

OK this is all i remember right now...enjoy your bagels!

I know my post is not helpful in any way, but how come it's always YOU that gets stuck with the bagels? lol Why not any of your co-workers?

You could always pass them up and say you still have a bunch in your freezer from last time.

Personally, I would rip up the bagels and feed them to the hungry birdies outside. Smile

i would donate them to a local school. if it was me, having them around the house would be deadly as i'd just pick away at them

If you are trying to loose weight I would definitely suggest not to eat bagels at all.  In my opinion they are one of the worst things you can eat.  I read one article that says 1 bagel = 12 slices of bread.  A lot of bagels can be almost 700 calories.  That is almost 1/2 of my daily allowance so I personally never eat them.

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I'm definitely looking up some kind of charitable organization that will take them - 

Panera Bread donated their leftover bagels to the children's psych facility I worked for. I'm sure your boss could contact a soup kitchen or something. 

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