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ideas for healthy popcorn flavoring or seasoning?

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I bought a popcorn maker to  enjoy a healthy snack. i don't have a microwave which is turning out ot be a good thing. anyway, i am prone to adding melted butter to the popcorn but that defeats my purpose.

any suggestions welcome.
plain popcorn will not do!
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well, you can use a little spray or two (not half a can) of spray butter or oil.

You can add some cinnamon to it, or maybe a squeeze of citrus :)

Perhaps some spice like red pepper or a little garlic :)
If you want butter flavor without the calories or fat, have you tried Butter Buds?  Only 5 calories in a teaspoon, and it tastes pretty good.

Don't know where you live, but in the area in which I live, there is a product called Old Bay which is actually a seafood seasoning, but it's good on everything, including popcorn. :)
someone once told me that they spray a lil pam on it then add garlic powder.. been meaning to try it but haven't yet. I usually use a couple squirts of spray butter or scorch it for a lil extra flavour but I'm a freak like that. I sometimes use Club House Pop-Corn seasonings, 30 cals for 1tbsp (8 grams not 15) but it's mega high in sodium.
I LOVE garlic on mine, or I sprinkle some hot sauce. that's yummy, too.
Crystal hot sauce.
Rachael Ray (30 minute meals) has a recipe for Sweet Sesame Five-Spice Popcorn that I love! It is such a unique spin on the popcorn, and it really makes it taste like a treat. And it doesn't take any butter on top - just the oil to pop it.

Here is the link if you are interested... e/0,1977,FOOD_9936_31495,00.html

Seriously tastes great. And, to cheat even more for the time-crunched, I have bought the 100 calorie mini bags of Kettle Corn and then added in the sesame seeds and a shake of the 5 spice powder myself. It is a great twist on traditional Kettle Corn - so it is a little sweet.
try this...spray a hot wok with olive oil pan. saute some fresh garlic and toss in your popped popcorn. sprinkle it with some grated parm and some fresh ground pepper and just a pinch of salt. so good, flavorful and healthy.
I like oil popped on my stove, and add some season salt to the oil while it's heating up. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
My favorite topping is honey :-)  Drizzle some on top, mix, and eat. 

Also, just putting some sugar and salt on, to make kettle corn, is good too.
i dont know if you like curry, but i discovered that dusting warm popcorn with curry powder and a bit of salt is amazing. you dont miss the butter at all, just pop it with a bit of oil, but you dont need to put any on it. so good!
Agave nectar (a plant-based alternative to honey) and sea salt make an incredible combination, a lot like kettle corn and SO good!

Nutrional yeast is my all time favourite popcorn topping. You can buy it at health food stores and it has a cheesy taste. And it's good for you!
I make air popped corn and the problem with seasoning it is, it's dry and the seasoning doesn't stick.  I've tried spraying it with a butter flavor spray and that does help the seasoning to stick.  However, I've gotten to like the taste of plain popcorn.
WOW! I am so trying all of these suggestions!  My two cents is that there is a season salt called Vegesalt and I have found that it is so good you do not miss the butter.

Another suggestion if you are using oil to pop the corn, use peanut oil.  I swear it is the best tasting for popcorn. 
I dip my popcorn in vinegar... yumm a favorite.
I sprinkle mine with dill, hot sauce, and crushed garlic. Maybe some chili powder.

i was away from the board.

wow! there are soooooooo many great replies. i am going to try a lot of these!!! i can't even decide which one to do first.


my popcorn maker says do not use oil so that is a plus as well.

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I use an air popper, a spray of Pam (otherwise the seasoning doesn't stick) and parmesan cheese, seasoning salt, onion powder, or taco seaoning.
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