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any ideas for creamer substitute with coffee?

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Hi I love my coffee but with lots of creamer.  I use Sugar free french vanilla Coffee Mate.  Any ideas on how to substitute something else maybe with fewer calories and fat?  Is there something on the market I don't know about besides skim milk? 

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vanilla almond breeze??? only about 40 cals per cup if you get the unsweetened kind and just sweeten it yourself. and i'm sure you won't even need a whole cup unless you drink a lot of coffee

I just work real half n' half into my calories for the day. Most substitute creamers are full of processed (junk) ingredients whereas the real cream is good for you.

I use fat free half and half and stevia.  2 tbs are 20 cals, compared to 40 for 2 tbs of the coffeemate...

well, personally I'd prefer my coffee black or with a single ice cube or iced with sugar free hazelnut syrup.

  BUT, I've read that mixing some milk or cream into my coffee will help my teeth resist staining.  somehow...I don't remember the exact chemical rxns.  so, I too use fat free half and half about five cups outta seven.  my teeth are not staining and, like morganbclaw wrote, its only 20 cals per 2tbsp.  considering I use about that much in two cups, I figure its worth the calories. 

what is vanilla almond breeze? 

Penn Maid Country Creamer Fat Free is only 15 calories per 2 tbsp. and REALLY creamy!

I use light vanilla soymilk (8th Continent is only 60 calories per cup) I find it's creamier than skim milk and adds just a touch of flavor and sweetness - and at 15 calories for 1/4 cup - I don't feel like I have to go too light either.

i know that splenda has a new product's flavored for's not too bad

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i know that splenda has a new product's flavored for's not too bad

but its not creamer.  its just sweet and flavor.  I bought some and eh, I could take it or leave it.  its too darn sweet for me and helluv expensive.

i agree..

i used to have to have creamer and sugar in my coffee or i couldn't drink it.  after forcing myself to drink it black for a while i wouldn't have it any other way now..

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