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Ice cream: how many grams in one serving?

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I was wondering how much one serving of ice cream is? It says half a cup. How many grams is that?

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1/2 Cup of my chickpeas 130grams but  my chicken selects serving size is 1/2 cup i thought and it's 71 grams.  Usually the the grams serving size is next to the English size in parentheses.

I've had to starte usuing the grams since I don't think my portion sizes are right when i use measuring cups and stuff.

Speaking of ice cream.  Last night I got single serving size Haggen Daaz.  Best thing i bought one so i couldn't over indulge.

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Mine says 64. I think it depends on if there are add-ins mixed into it or not, how thick it is, etc. 

Yea, measuring cups are only pretty acurate if it is something liquid or very condensed. They work pretty well for brown rice, oats, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc., but everything else I use my scale for.

Every been to Cold Stone Creamery, Cpa2b? Get the Sinless Sans Sweet Cream with whatever mix-in you like. Best treat ever.

Cold Stone is walking distance frommy house. It is so good.  I've been eating a Turkey Hill Light Recipe Ice Cream Sandwich daily.  My fav ice cream is Karmel Sutra from Ben & Jerry's but since it only comes in a pint I can't seem to NOT eat the entire pint in one sitting I've stayed away.

I've had my food scale for at least a year and just started using it in January.  Learning real portion sizes has been great.

My solution to this question was to weigh a full container then divide by the number of servings in a container.  I figure the container's weight is pretty negligible compared to all the ice cream.  My 500 mL container (four half-cup servings or eight quarter-cup servings) weighed just under 500 g.  So, a half-cup serving of Ben & Jerry's weighs about 100-125 g.

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