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hungry at bedtime

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Hi there,

I'd love some advice. I usually have tea between seven and eight and then a snack later (apple and lo-cal hot chocolate, fruit tea and two biscuits, oatcakes, something like that). If I go to bed early, that's enough, but if I stay up till eleven or later, then I'm ravenous again by the time I go to bed; I get very nervous, have bad hunger pains and find it difficult do fall asleep. I don't want to prepare a big meal at midnight, but I'd like something that fills me up a bit longer, and nothing seems to work. Biscuits, fruit or lots to drink just don't fill me up enough, and I can't find anything really useful. Could anybody suggest a snack that would help? Any advice MOST welcome. Thanks!

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Have you tried eggs? I know it's not the conventional bed-time snack, but who cares - I eat eggs a lot. That, and hot soup. Whatever I need to eat to get myself to sleep. It's all good food too. :)

Eat a spoonful or two of peanut butter. I know peanut butter is high in calories, but just a small amount will keep you full because of the slow-digesting fat and protein.

Having some yogurt or a few slices of turkey is good too, because turkey actually has a certain chemical in it(forgot what it was called) that triggers sleepiness. Seriously, every time I eat a turkey sandwich I feel like taking a nap an hour later xD

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I have this problem too but what I've been told is have something high fiber and filling like a bowl of cereal with low fat or skim. It's minimal calories and should help keep you satisfied all night. Another great snack for anytime is sugar free jello.

I think that often in these cases people are not actually hungry, but rather they're experiencing a blood sugar low. In your case the choice of snack might be the culprit, since all of the snacks you mentioned raise blood sugar. Try a protein and fat-based snack rather than a carbohydrate based one and see if that helps. Cheese, unsweetened yogurt, or nuts, perhaps? If you can't swing that, at least eat some fat with your carbs to lower its affect on blood sugar. Apple & cheese or PB? Yogurt and berries?

The only other obvious culprit would be if you are just not eating enough calories or enough fat overall.

Hope that helps!


Hi everyone, thanks for your advice. @Fincharella: Yes, I definitely have problems with low blood sugar, I'm still trying to find out what helps. Thought something that raised blood sugar would be good, but it doesn't quite work... You might also be right about the calories. I'm eating about 2,400 a day; I got from a BMI of ca. 17.9 in December to one of ca. 20 now, so that seems to be enough to gain weight, but I'm still RAVENOUS most of the time. Will have to work something out.

Anyway: thanks a lot, and I'll be very happy to try your ideas, especially yoghurt and peanut butter! Laughing

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egg whites for dinner..the best lol

I've had great success with cereal and milk, or just a banana, or  both! Bananas are supposed to have something in them that helps with sleep. At least that's the cheerful rumor that I heard!

I never go to bed without eating a sugar free chocolate pudding and half a serving of oatmeal, it's delicious 

Almond butter actually helps u have a more restful sleep!! And it's very filling. Also a small piece of cheese is great.
Bananas!! If I get very hungry I'll make my whey protein and add a banana. Delicious !!
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