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Not Hunger Till i Start Eating

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Anyone else feel this way too. Usually i dont feel hungry till i actually bite into something. I am not sure why. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way and can give me some insight.


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I've also noticed that I might not feel as hungry, and then I'll start eating something and "awaken" my appetite and I get more hungry after that.

I know how you feel. I have been scared to eat breakfast for a while because once I eat, it is so hard to stop. It's weird.
I get exactly the same thing! but they say eating breakfast starts up your metabolism, but then I'm hungry by 10 o'clock- if I ate nothing I could go until lunch for sure. as soon as I go to the pantry and eat something when I am hungry, I cant stop even when I know I'm full.

are you on any type of medication? i used to take prozac, and i found i'd NEVER be hungry, but once i ate something anyway; i wanted to eat everything in sight.

also, maybe you don't realize you're hungry until you start to eat? hunger is a strange thing.

That's actually not too surprising -- once you've gone several hours without a meal, your metabolism slows down and burns calories at a very low rate.  If you avoid eating at this point because you "don't feel like it", your body will keep your metabolism at this low rate.  Once you have that first meal of the day (hopefully breakfast), your body kicks back into gear, and certain things wake up, like your blood sugar, and the pleasure centers in your brain, and you realize, "hey, this eating thing is pretty good".

Since skipping breakfast causes your metabolism to stay in low gear until lunchtime, it is better to eat that meal, even if you have to have a health mid-morning snack to tide your hunger until lunch.

When you go long periods of time without eating your body stops sending the "hungry" signal to your brain. It doesn't mean your not hungry, so when you start eating, like someone above said you technically do "Awaken" your hunger.

dont hunger mean weightloss is working though? i always thouht you had to get use to that hunger feeling and then after a while its not such a bad feeling

No, I would say hunger and weight loss are not connected in any way -- fat people who gorge themselves at lunch still feel hungry at dinner time. 

In fact, if you are eating healthy, you are less likely to feel hungry for various reasons, including lower glycemic foods keep your blood sugar from roller coasting (which is a primary cause of that "hunger feeling"), and things like leaner cuts of meat and vegetables have considerably fewer calories per volume of food, so you can eat more of them -- as I mentioned on another forum post, there are fewer calories in 20 cups of broccoli than one serving of lasagna -- 20 cup!  Obviously, no one is going to eat 20 cups of broccoli for a meal, but if you had second or third helpings of broccoli with your meal, you would feel much fuller with very little caloric impact.

Thus, while there is no direct correlation between dieting and hunger, or lack there of -- the healthier you eat, the less likely you are to feel like you are hungry.

BTW, I use the term "hunger" here very loosely, what we in an industrilzed nation call "hunger" is nothing more than a craving caused by our blood sugar -- go talk to a starving child in Darfur about your "hunger".

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I am the same way.I am not hungry untill I start eating.I can actually get through a day without eating and be fine.However,If I try to eat something my body will want more and more.I do eat three times a day.(Sometimes more) I just ignore the hunger.I tell myself "you've just eaten,and you'll be fine"

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