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hummus for people who don't like hummus

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Or is it houmous? I've seen it spelled both ways, anywho...

I was at a friend's house yesterday, starving, and she offered me hummus with carrots and pita chips. I was hesitant, since I don't really like carrots or hummus or even pita chips for that matter.

Well, IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!! I have not had hummus in years because the last time I tried it, I hated it. My dad bought Costco hummus and it was pretty dull and flavorless in my opinion. I'd swore it off since then, but I hear about it a million times a day on this forum and other forums. You know, how when people ask for advice about snacks, and then everyone and their mothers suggests veggies and hummus dip? Gah!

It's from Trader Joe's, and it's called "Spicy Hummus", it tastes like refried bean dip, and it's really not spicy at all, pretty mild (and I'm a wuss). It's gooooood.

I had a revalation yesterday... this spicy hummus makes ANYTHING taste good. This might be the only way I will ever eat raw veggies.

I am so jealous of this girl. She works at Trader Joe's, so her fridge and is stocked with Trader Joe's brand everything. And she gets discounts, I hate her ;-) . I'm gonna go buy some, it's only $1.99.

Do I sound like a constant advertisement? I talk about Trader Joe's a lot. Sorry! I've been obsessed with that store since the first time I went.

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I just tried hummus for the first time today because of everyone here talking about it...i got the athenos roasted red pepper and its frickin' awesome.  GO HUMMUS!
Hummus is by far one of my favorite foods. It's a great snack item or appetizer.
I miss Trader Joes :( 

There aren't any available where I live now...cry, cry :p
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I buy the Sabra brand hummus. The roasted pine nut flavor is my favorite.
Trader Joe's also sells a cilantro-jalapeno hummus.  It is delish!
hummus. is. so. amazing.

PROTEIN IN THE FORM OF SEXY DELICIOUSNESS. Preferably, in chivey flavors. :D
Now that I like hummus, I feel like I finally fit in :'-)

lol crack me up sometimes...its funny because its true...I feel like a true CC memeber now that i'm eating

I had some incredible hummus from a deli. It had kalamata olives and sun dried tomatoes. Tasted like pizza, yum!
by the way Heather, I love your stand up comedy. I only watched one video so far, but I think we have the same sense of humor. I'm gonna watch some more now :-P

You're really funny!
There are people who don't like hummus? Are they mad?
See what I mean. EVERYONE likes it. I hated it until yesterday. I really need to buy some of my own because I'm craving it like a madman. 
I liked hummus before I was a vegetarian. I love hummus!
Trader Joe's has an AMAZING variety of hummus! I love their tomato basil kind yum yum!
oh hummus. i didn't discover it until college, but now i am addicted. i eat a Cosi Hummus and Veggies sandwhich every day for lunch, with carrot sticks. so delicious, and it keeps me full until dinner, so the extra bread calories are worth it.
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Trader Joes is about 4 blocks from where I'm working now.  I keep meaning to go, but I never do, and to boot I've passed the store over 500 times.

If they make so-called "good" hummus, I'll really have to go now.  Every time I try hummus it's a miserable experience.
I think the only thing better in the world than hummus is Trader Joe's.

duh..........what is this stuff anyway?  (sorry, older and out of touch).

I saw some for the first time at a discount grocery store in the cheese section.  Is that where you ususally find it?  What is it and what do you do with it.  I see from above posts, you use it for a dip mostly?  Many calories in it?

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