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Too much hummus bad?

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I recently went off to college and I am a little worried because a lot of the food that I have been eating is hummus. I know it doesn't make much sense, but my parents brought me from a restaurant a serving of hummus with pita that Ive been eating as a snack and when i go to the dining hall if there isn't much to eat i'll have either hummus with pita, or a hummus wrap with turkey and broccoli. I realize that hummus is supposed to be "health/diet" food, but is eating too much of it a bad thing? (I do NOT know the nutritional content of it, and I realize that some hummus is much better for you than others)
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Hummus can vary alot as far as nutritional content between different blends and  brands, I would stay away from it if you don't know the nutrition facts for that specific hummus.  It is easy enough to make yourself or buy at the grocery store anyway, and then you know exactly how good it is for you.
All the hummus I've ever seen has no more than 25 calories a tablespoon and 1.5 g fat.  I've even seen some lower than that.  Hummus is very good for you.  It has protein and heart-healthy fat.  As long as you're not going over your calories, it's a good choice.
Hummus is basically a blend of chickpeas, sesame, and oil flavored with garlic and lemon. It's high in protein and fairly calorie dense, so a decent choice when there are no other meal options.

Hummus makes a good addition to a salad. You can thin it out with a bit of water as a dressing, or use it as a dip with salad bar vegetables.
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A little variety is always a good idea, so you get a well rounded set of nutrients, but hummus is high in protein and fiber, so it'll fill you up quickly, and it's got a healthy dose of iron and vitamin C.  You could definitely be eating worse.  :)  It's not bad for you, but you should make sure to balance it out with other foods every once in a while.
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