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honey .. bad for you?

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i eat honey with my museli and banana. like i would say , two teaspoons. and then i also have the same amount with yoghurt afterwards. is this bad for me?.... is that a lot of unnessecary calories?
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Purely sugars.
So, if you enjoy eating it VEEERY MUCH, try to eat it as early in the day as possible, so you can burn it. If you eat it late... hello fat! :)
it is sugar, but the glycemic index of honey is lower than other sugars, and 2 teaspoons is only 40 calories. so i wouldn't worry too much
Its not bad as long as you stick to your daily calories. it still is sugar tho. I'd say mix it up. Have 1 1/2 tbsp sometiems, and add something (like berries) for the rest of the cals. Get teh sweetness from somewhere else.
But honey does have antibacterial properties.
You could try agave necter if you are worried. it has a lower GI and tastes like honey I am told.

I dont see anything wrong with it really, as longa s you stick within your daily cals and you're still getting nutrition throughout the rest of hte day. better than chocolate syrup :D
honey acutally has antioxidants and minerals in it, epesically raw pure honey. i eat that and maple syrup alot ( the pure stuff) its still sugar, yes. But its acutally healthy.
as dartrinton said- it has a lot of benefits. i would definitly recommend going out of your way to get raw, unprocessed honey. this stuff has so many benefits i cant even list them, it is full of antibiotics, antioxidents, it moisterizes your throat and helps with digestion. a teacher at school was telling me today about how in Russia, organic bee keepers were living really long lives, and after some research it was determined that the honey they were eating was the reason. another reason to get organic unprocessed honey: as we all know, bees are pretty much MIA, except at organic bee farms. supporting these farms could ensure the future of so many foods you dont even know (especially almonds, apple and avocados)! (ive got bee keepers int he family, sorry that im so worked up about it).
Not sure about minerals, but def has good stuff. Try - has a few thigns up there i think
honey has antiinflamorty propaties, and small amounts of;

vitamin C

its natural stuff, and if you get royal jelly honey it would be even better for you. I think use common sence in deciding how much of it to have. Try to stay within 100 calories worth of honey per day its twice as sweet as sugar so that 100 cal liit should be easy to stay in! then try and go down from there.
I'm always a bit puzzled by questions like this.  Didn't you look it up using the CC search? 
it is sugar, but the glycemic index of honey is lower than other sugars, and 2 teaspoons is only 40 calories.

Honey has a low GI because it is more Fructose then Glucose, much like HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup).  In fact honey has the same break of mono-saccharides as HFCS 55 the HFCS used in sodas.  Because more of honey is Fructose and Fructose has to be convert to blood sugar (of Triglycerides) by the liver before it can be used it doesn't have as high an glycemic impact.

Now two teaspoons is a huge amount of sugar and sarah your body won't have a problem with this.  It was only 20 calor ies a tsp 40 calories total but it would not have if it was HFCS (40 calorie) or table sugar (30 calories) or any other sugar.  Sugars are bad for you in large amounts.

For more on honey and Fructose levels read this study: Substituting Honey for Refined Carbohydrates Protects Rats from Hypertriglyceridemic and Prooxidative Effects of Fructose

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