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High Volume, Low Calorie Foods?

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~ I'm sure someone else has started a thread on this topic, but I don't think I dug far enough back to find it :p

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for high volume, low calorie foods?

 Especially things that are portable / good for lunches or snacking at work - we have a fairly decent cafeteria where I work, but I prefer to bring my own lunches because then I know for sure what's in there and it's MUCH more affordable.

I know salads {without dressing } and fresh veggies are a good option, and I LOVE popcorn - even plain, or with some Mrs. Dash or other shake-on spices  - but I'd love some new suggestions!

Thanks in advance, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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Cherry or Grape Tomatoes

dill pickles



red peppers



100-calorie microwave popcorn Smart Pop Mini Bags

puffed millet cereal (50 calories a cup!)

Thomas' light multigrain english muffins (100 calories)

Quaker Quakes Mini rice cakes (10 for 70 calories)

sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles

Laughing Cow Light Gourmet Cheese Bites (10 cubes for 70 calories)

Boca vegan burger patties (100 calories)

Progresso Light Soups (120 calories for the whole can)

Tofu-shirataki noodles (2 servings/1 package ... 40 calories)

=^..^= MOLLY


green beans, okra, EGG WHITES
Those triangular Triscuit Thins crackers, sugar-free jello, berries, and veggies of all kinds. Vegetable soup, chicken broth, or instant oatmeal. Mmm... so hungry...
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