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Anyone got ANY ideas of a high protein lunch Without the use of bread or pasta in it?
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Egg white omelette with steamed broccoli (you can use 3-4 egg whites and maybe add one egg yolk in for taste if you like them)

Grilled salmon with vegetables (e.g. mushrooms, carrots, beans)

Salad with cottage cheese and ground almonds

Chicken breast with green beans and mushrooms
thanks kvekki!!!! will the egg white idea keep fresh if i take it to work and plonk it in a fridge?
Yes, I've taken both egg white omelettes and hard-boiled egg whites to work. I leave it in the fridge and eat it around lunchtime. Sometimes I mix the boiled egg whites in a salad with cottage cheese for extra protein. :)
An egg and I had a horrible experience yesterday and I can't bare to eat it even though I know how good is it for me.  Idon't klnow what I am going to do -- even the thought of it..

sorry, I know that was random but it was not yummy.
What happened with you and the egg?
yeh i wanna know too!!

Ok then, i shall do the egg thing! or the soup i just found in me cuboard, low salt one! broccoli and watercress.

Hum.. i hate egg yolks, i think egg whites taste beter! i only eat the yolk when i want a hit of b vitamins and some fat
Well I made myself a set of deviled eggs..

Its hard to explain in words, but here i'll try.  So there are two halves per egg and I was eating a half.  About halfway through that half, there was a 1/2 inch vein-like piece of the egg.  It was white, like as if it was part of the white, but it was so hard and distinct like a vein. It was impossible to break in half in any way.  And I was trying to eat it, and it just was a piece of hard egg white that wouldn't come out.  I had to literally yank it out.  It just looked, felt, and tasted wrong.  I immediately got it out of my mouth and can't even think about eggs since!

Edit: and what was so gross was that it wasn't a shell or anything, it was seriously a perfect egg half, with a vein-like thingy in it.  And I had JUST bought them.
I hate egg yolks too. Your soup sounds nice, but not especially high in protein. :P You know, you can also make egg soup. What you do is you heat up whatever soup it is you're having, and then beat the egg whites. Then while you're cooking, you drizzle the whites in, and stir. It's quite nice. But not so good for taking to work I guess...
oh wow yeh Kvekki!! good idea!! I found some salmon for tea though, so i'll pop the egg whites in with that. I have mananged to put protein up now to 26% which is good. But im gonna keep the egg idea cuz thats brillent. God, - did you ever think you would be so helpfiull to someone you dont know at all? its so nice you reply and care, makes me smile!

and EW to the wgg thing  bubbly!! nasty! i had one once, that looked like it had the start of a chick growing in it, So wrong!
It's nice that I could be helpful for a change. :) I'm able to keep protein around 25%-30%. Usually I eat a serving of chicken or fish with both lunch and dinner. And if I'm low, I use the egg whites or cottage cheese trick, and it usually works. Have a good day! I envy you, working at the vet...
I always skip carbs for lunch. Whatever leftovers I have from dinner I put over a 1/2 cup ff cottage cheese. Today I had the cottage cheese, 3 oz grilled chicken and 1/4 cup marinara sauce, heated up in the micro it was tasty business!
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