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high fiber / iron foods

Aug 21 2012 01:18
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Can't seem to keep my fiber and iron up, any good staple foods out there to include in daily routine (low in sodium a must I'm always over in that dept.)
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kidney beans & broccoli

Leafy greens! Spinach, kale, broccoli, and even certain cereals.

Broccoli and F*(%(ing STEAK!

High fibre cereal & milk.... Kashi Cinnamon Crisp :]


ground flaxseed

Chia seeds...  hemp hearts! Both are superfoods (high in fiber AND iron)... MANY abundant nutrients and MACROnutrients...  (Google them to learn all the amazing facts and many simple ways to incorporate them into your diet)

Also, to get the most benefits from iron-rich foods, always pair it with a food rich in vitamin C... such as spinach (iron) with Spaghetti and rich tomato/meat sauce (Vitamin C) to get the best absorption of the iron... also, calcium will deminish the absorption of iron so try not to do calcium rich foods with iron rich foods... you may think and feel like you're doing the best thing, but really not...  (There is an iron supplement that also contains vitamin C to aid in absorption... it's call Vitron-C... you can get it over the counter at pharmacies or online at Amazon or Vitacost)... hope this helps!

Choose to be blessed!!  : )

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Beans are the answer!  I give blood and several times have been too low on iron to donate.  One time they gave me a list of the foods that are highest in iron for me to be sure to eat to get it up.  Beans were high on the list and of course they are a source of fiber as well.  I have listed the top several on the list (in order).


#1 - Prune juice (yeah - this one suprised me!)

#2 - Liver

#3 - Black beans

#4-10 - Mung beans, garbonzo beans, pinto beans, baked beans, navy beans, lima beans and soybeans


Hope that helps!  :-)

Original Post by katmatry:


x2!  Also beans. We have lentils several times a week. I cook up a batch and keep it in the fridge, it's easy to scoop out a 1/2 cup to include on a pita pocket (with plenty of spinach and a bit of tomato), or with my main meal topped with vegetables. Sometimes I spice them with India type spices (corriander, cumin, tumeric), or sometimes with thyme. Always with garlic ;-)

Blackstrap Molassas - House of Herbs brand.  Provides 70% of daily Iron requirement.  It is quite high in sugar, so you may have to cut down on other sugar sources.

f-Factor Skinnys Cereal.  A 1/2 cup serving provides 18 grams of fiber (72% of daily requirement).  Tastes a little like ground cardboard, so I add 1/4 cup to other cereal.  Could also be added to other foods as an add in.

all of these are great suggestions.

If you eat a lot of sandwiches I would recommend switching the bread out for high fiber tortillas. I found a great brand with 12g per tortilla!

also Gnu bars are small but have about 12-13g per bar. I would just ddrink a lot of water if youre going to increase your fiber intake and to do it slowly as you will probably experience discomfort if you do it too quickly.

blackstrap molasses is a great source of iron as well as leafy greens. I add molasses to smoothies and stir-fry sauces but it can be kind of overpowering if you use too much.

good luck!

I like to eat southern baked beans that I rinse in a colander... add one cup of the rinsed beans with a whole diced medium-size tomato for one serving. Makes a great lunch!

At dinner i take about 1 cup of frozen spinach and add a handful (about 2-3 prunes worth) of diced prunes (I use Plum Amazing... work is already done for you). Microwave that for about a 45 seconds to a minute. Then mix. The spinach will, of course, defrost in the cooking process and will not be a whole cup worth.... more like 1/2 a cup or so. The prunes are soooo sweet they really make spinach more tolerable for those who don't like it.

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I buy fresh spinach and put it on or in everything!!!!  Sandwiches, Salads, Meatloaf, Pizza....etc.  Chopping it fine you can vertually put it in anything.

I also use high fiber low cal bread...Aunt Millies Potato Fiber for life.

I was anemic- iron deficient for years- even ate a lot of meat, steak- then I changed my whole diet and way of life- Now I have NO MORE meat, dairy (except whey), poultry, I am GLUTEN FREE, and consume a lot of seaweed, leafy greens, tofu, non GMO spy and have the best iron of my life :)


Fiber is my biggest struggle, I'm suppose to eat 30g a day and I usually only make it to 20.  I have a stomach disorder where I'm suppose to eat LOTS of fiber.  One of the biggest things to eat is BEANS yay, open a window when done. :)  I'm making beans today, one bowl = 26g of fiber.  Also Metamucil helps with fiber, words of wisdom when you mix it, drink all of it at once because if you wait it will thicken in the glass and it's super gross and thick.  In addition triscuits, potato bread are good sources of carbs and fiber.

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