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Hi all,

In my quest to increase my calorie intake I am having a hard time discovering food that has high calorie, low fat value.  Looking for your suggestions!

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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anything sugary will pack a punch. If it's not carby or fatty it won't be hi calorie. Bread and Pasta I guess...
I'll take carby, but not fatty.  Rice I think is a good one.
If you are increasing your entire calorie intake shouldn't you be increasing your fat intake in the same proportion? In that care you would just have to eat more of what you eat now.
Any carb is a solution to a high cal, low fat need. Try breads (go for whole grain, it's much healthier), pastas, rice (brown rice has more nutrients than white) and beans, which have absolutely no fat.

A bean burrito with a whole wheat tortilla with a side of rice would be very low fat and high in calories. Good luck!
High Calorie, Low-Fat?

Mmmmm... can you say Potato? :D
thanks everyone!  I love the people who are part of this site.  Witty and full of great advice.

Good luck everyone on your personal journeys.
What about good fats, like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated? Because nuts are high in calorie, and they contain those fats, but they're fats that will help you so long as you don't binge on them.
True, and thanks!  I do have peanut butter occasionally which I'm not sure has enough good over the bad, but I think there's nothing better than a PB&J :)
I have a similar problem
Semi-intolerant to fats oils creams (even good oils :( ) but lost a LOT of weight. So Bread, rice, sugar are my firends. Dried fruit is super low fat, yummy, natural and you can eat quite a bit (think about how big an apricot is. Then how big a dried apricot is. You can fit a lot more dried ones in)

Also try juice

I am seriously underweight so the doctos have given me these drinks - sustagen (milk based) and resource (juice based). They're packed with vitamins and minerals - but 250 cal a popper! Now, I know you prolly dont want THAT much, but I freeze up the sustegen into ice -pops in little moulds - a healthy low fat milk based treat. 1 pack makes about six of my pops and are a good emergency "I'm low on cals!!" non guilty treat. but thats more of a last resort
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