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High calorie, easily digested food?

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Due to some personal issues combined with long-term stomach problems, I'm having major trouble eating at all lately, let alone all the way up to my recommended intake. I have an appointment with my doctor next month, but until then, I have to rely on Tums and my diet choices to stave off nausea and stomach pain.

I'm a teen, who's losing weight, and yes, I need really do need to. =] I'm not in a healthy BMI range yet, but I'm getting there.

Anyways, I was thinking about going on the BRAT diet for a while (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast), but I don't think there's any possibility of me getting there on foods like that (applesauce is only 100 cal a cup!), since I was nowhere close what I needed yesterday (1750) while eating mainly nuts, peanut butter, and dried fruit. I know avocados, olive oil, etc. are really high calorie for the volume, but I'm not sure if I could keep those down, and I don't really want to try.

Should I just do the BRAT diet for a while anyways and forget about the calories, or are there other easy-on-the-stomach foods I should try?


Also, I don't really care if they're 'healthy' or not, I have other things to worry about right now.

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Protein can be a little hard on the stomach at times.  A fruit smothie should be fairly easy to digest and could be made more caloric using icecream and your favorite fruits.  Pasta with minimal sauce or a little real butter (any simple carb I think would be broken down pretty easily).  I think the best thing to do is call the doctor you have an appointment and ask him to recommend some things since he should know your history better.

Thanks for the reply.  A smoothie does sound like a good idea, I'll try that.  I can't get a hold of my doctor, though I have been trying to because of many things for weeks now.

I think you need to work out why you have the stomach problems before you embark on an diet programme.  Have you done an exclusion diet, for example, to try to work out if you're sensitive to certain foods?  Kept a food & symptom diary?

An example of and exclusion diet for 'Candida Albicans' (fairly common yeast overgrowth in the gut) starts with really basic foods and excludes all sugars, refined starches, gluten, nuts, preservatives, yeast and fermented foods.  You do this for a week or two.  If the symptoms improve then you gradually reintroduce, one at a time, some of the excluded foods.  

So if you were a sufferer of Candida Albicans (and I'm not saying you are) a diet of rice, apples, bananas and bread would be about the worst thing you could do. 

Yeah, I tried eliminating just about everything in my diet, one group at a time, with no real results. I've had problems with nausea and frequent pain for two years now, my doctor has told me every time I go in that it's a stress-caused stomach ulcer, and I've been on two different medications for it, lots of different dosages. I'm going in for an endoscopy in late April.

Usually, I don't really have too much trouble, I'm able eat normal foods without any more complaint from my stomach than a few comical gurgles, lol. My body has always been very sensitive to what's going on in my head, though, and this new found intensity of discomfort is just one of many symptoms I'm dealing with right now, along with shaking, fatigue, and such.

I just need some ideas for high cal foods to settle my stomach while I get everything else sorted out. =/

I expect you're already avoiding strong/acidic/spicy flavours.  Caffeine is a known irritant as are sugary foods, fruit juices and white flour products.   I would avoid apples and toast in that case, but you may be OK with mashed banana.  Mashed/pureed foods are easier to digest than wholefoods.   Avocado, for example.  Things that are high calorie but easily digested would be broths made with pulses (legumes), steamed fish and chicken, mashed potato....   If you include olive oil & butter in the cooking that may stay down better.  I've read that chamomile tea sipped during eating can help calm the stomach.

A very similar thing happened to me, starting last May.  Don't just "forget about the calories."  I tried that.  REALLY bad idea.  It does not fix the problem.  Eventually, even your "safe" foods make you sick.  I got down to the place where I was only eating low fat, low sodium chicken noodle soup and crackers - and then that started making me sick.  What kind of a doctor is your appointment with?  I recommend a gastroenterologist. I went to three before I was diagnosed.  Find someone who will take you seriously.  I ended up having to travel three hours to a major university med ctr.  If you can't get an earlier appt, find a nutritionist.  My nutritionist helped me "find" calories and set up daily meal plans - even for my "bad" days when I had to drink all of my calories.  Some of my favorites:  V-8 Fusion, pudding (try lemon if you can't have dairy - I couldn't), Ensure (I like the high protein kind), malt o meal, Campbells Healthy Request Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup (I put mozarella cheese on top to add cals).  Also try using a blender to puree food.  It may seem like a good way to lose your excess pounds, but it isn't.  I had no energy, had trouble functioning and am constantly cold now. BTW - for me it was called "Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome".  Good Luck!

Doctors these days are pretty much worthless when it comes to recommending foods. They don't have a clue. Try and find a good nutritionist; but beware, many of them are just as bad. For best results, simply learn as much as you can about foods and then experiment based on what you know about yourself.

It is true basic diagnosis doctors really have no idea how to diagnose digestive problems properly.They usually have 25-41 patients under their care half of which are critical. they're not trained, prepared, nor focused enough for chronic stomach ailments. That is why there are gastrointestinal doctors and nutritional specialists now. They usually work within the same building, pairing their practices and shares as to be more convenient for the patients. If you have had your gall bladder tested and it is of norm, you should find a good gastrointestinal specialist rather than wasting money and time on your doctors opinion. He/She should have already suggested someone extraordinary b/c they cannot treat you properly being that it is  chronic..Unless of course, you're just going now for the pain management meds..thats another story. One of which will make it sssooooo much worse and in turn, they will eventually ignore you....

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