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hibachi restaurants

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Does anybody know where I can find the nutrition information for Hibachi restaurants. I'm going there tonight and would like to order something healthy.

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Good luck!  I doubt you will find it, and nothing there is low in calories.

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I'm not sure about the nutrition info, but you could probably find something to compare their to...

They do the fried rice and fabulous meat/seafood dishes... I don't think it's that bad for you.  The last one I went to had brown rice as an optional side and I just had that with filet mignon.  Plus, it's not like you get to enjoy places like that every day.  Don't forget edamame as an appetizer! It's really good for you and I'm sure it is on the menu!

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The chef generally throws as much butter as he feels like it on the griddle. There is no way to get a good calorie count.

Just consider it 1,000 calories and have fun. It's one night!

Personally, I've been out to hibachi-style restaurants A LOT (like, every other month or so, of my life) and I've never seen them butter anything other than steak, seafood, and shrimp. Everything else they just cook with oil or soy sauce.

If you're looking for something lower-cal, try the hibachi chicken. I've never seen them add OIL OR BUTTER to it; just sauce and seasame seeds.

thats funny zeb because ALL of the ones I go too put butter on everything (and oil sometimes...) not to mention the sauce


but it sure is good...I say go for it and enjoy it!

Where do you go Dave? I usually go to Bennihanna, but I've never seen them use butter on anything but red meat or fish...?

I go to hibachi a lot as well.  There are at least 5 of them within 10 miles of my house.  You can ALWAYS ask for them not to use the butter.  They often do use butter on the chicken and other meats (and the fried rice which is so, so good, but probably best just to stay away from) but the places that I go to are always happy to make modifications if you tell them what you want.  If you can stay away from the butter and getting the dressing of your salad on the side I don't really understand what is so bad that everyone is talking about?  The only thing left is the salt, and unless you have high bp- it's really not as huge of a deal as some people on here make it out to be.  All in all it can be a pretty healthy meal.

I remember one time when i went to a hibachi restaurant with my family, the lady sat us down, turned on the heat for the grill thing, and then i saw it, she got this whole slab of animal fat, and started to rub the grill with it, after she did that all i saw was fat glistening on the grill and my cousins were like put more on put more on! Disgusting. I was not so hungry after that!

Is that animal fat you are referring to something called butter?  Or garlic butter (cause it looks a little different than regular butter)?  Otherwise I don't know what kind of hibachi place you are going to, but I wouldn't want to eat there either!

no it was animal fat for sure! That's why i never go there anymore! It was disgusting! But i know that it was not butter, because my cousins touched it and it was animal fat, we even asked the lady and she said it was animal fat, ewwwwww!

 I just had dinner at a hibchi grill last week. It's true that the "chef" puts as much butter as he wants on the grill.   I shuddered and cloosed my eyes whenever I saw the guy go for butter.  lol ... he stopped with the butter. 
It is what it is, an indulgence so enjoy it for what it is. Oh, by the way, I couldn't finish my entire meal - alot of frickin food in one sitting !!!

Anyways, I did do a search and I found some info.  Hope it helps "guesstimate". es/food/nakato

Just go, enjoy !! 
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