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Help me pick the lower calorie menu option!

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I'm eating here tonight: themes/ole/menus/Zocolo-Dinner.pdf

I've narrowed it down to either the flautas de pollo or the tostado de pollo pibl (under artisanal corn masa). Which one do you think would be the healthier option?

I'm skipping the soups and salads today so it's just between these two!

Thanks :)

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Of those two choices, probably the flautas de pollo. The other one has refried beans, which are traditionally cooked in lard. And if we're talking strictly low calorie, the flautas de pollo are served with salsa verde whereas the other one is served with higher calorie (but delicious and good for you) avocado.

I would get the ensalada Mexican with some meat or shrimp! and the ceviche. Or maybe the Tacos Al Carbon and avoid most of the tortillas. Or the Poll Con Mole Verde! Mmmm.

I did not know that about the refried beans -- thanks!! That's great info for this evening & the future.

I'll be getting a margarita (the caramelized fruit one -- it's Friday, dammit!), so this is really only going to be minor damage control... the differences between the two dishes is probably not very significant but I figured might as well do what I can to not go super overboard. Salads wreak havoc on my digestive system for some reason and I'm not a fish fan so those other options aren't in the running unfortunately.

As for the avocado... that is one of few foods that I will ignore the higher calories because they are just toooo delicious!

Your restaurant may not prepare the refried beans with lard. Couldn't hurt to ask!

This place sounds delicious. Have fun!
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